Gorerotted: Only Tools And Corpses


Gorerotted: Goreskin-Grunting and Groaning. Mr. Gore-Strangulated Screams. Fluffy Olafstench-High Pitch Garroting Wires. Robin Pants-One String Banjo Strummer. The Wilson-Bass-ment Torture Screams. Junky Jon-Skunk And Skins,

Fantasy, pure and simple. Gore, blood, and guts. Listening to a Gorerotted CD is like watching your favorite horror movie over and over again. I get into shit like this. I watch serial killer bios, Forensic Files, and Autopsy on HBO. I am not going to kill anyone, but I like to fucking daydream about it. Much like Rob Zombie took off and ran with monster movies in his music, Gorerotted takes off and runs with Night of The Living Dead. Yes, there will be shit to offend you but that is the point-look at the song Zombie Graveyard Rape Bonanza. The song is hard-edged and goofy, but the rape thing is meant to catch your attention. The band doesn’t say it is right. Like all death metal bands, Gorerotted examines the fucked up and horrible. It appeals to those of us who have had fucked up and horrible shit happen. Art reflects life and explores the shit nobody wants to look at, so don’t let the goofy shit and goofy names fool you. It makes a point. Who ever talks about eating human flesh, but it goes back thousands of years in history. When you don’t talk about shit, it makes people want to do it more…so Gorerotted is saving us from Three On A Meat Hook (Mortician-I really like Mortician too. I am making a point). Death metal is important. Being shocked is important. Death is a part of life, and bad shit will always happen. –Gorerotted examines the horrible shit with a grain of fun. Gorerotted is heavy music, thick with thundering guitars, bass, and drums. Gorerotted is good shit! Think of Carcass and Napalm death suddenly catching a fucking sense of humor-then you will get Gorerotted. Only Tools And Corpses (the title track) will appeal to the death/grind fans, but my favorite tracks were To Catch A Killer (Serial Killer Sing-A-Long) and Village People Of The Damned. So there is something for everybody in this fun little CD. If you are into the death/grind scene-this head is for you. I give it a seven out of ten OH FUCK YEAH’S-bring it on. I am ready for the next one.


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