grade 8: Debut CD Review


grade 8: Debut CD Review

Label: Lava/Atlantic

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Grade8 is: Ryan Tooker, Vocals. Dustin Tooker, Guitars. Guy Couturier, Bass.
Scotty ‘Kanikki’ Carneghi, Drums.

Where do they come from?-The Tooker Brothers are from New Jersey, but the band
formed in LA.
What a fucking amazing first cd! Grade 8 has a sound that is like Slayer, Rage
Against the Machine, and Pearl Jam in a WWE King of the Ring match. Do not compare
them to fucking Korn and the metal hip hop thing, they are not about the fucking
darkness falling-grade 8’s style is better compared to the first heavy
band to do it successfully, Rage Against The Machine. When Rage came out, they
were fresh-so is grade 8. Grade 8 is power-pure and raw. –Ryan Tooker
has a set of pipes that I am sure he has to oil with WD40 every night. On this
cd, he carries off melody, traditional hard core, and screaming rap. I would
compare his voice to Korn’s Jonathan Davis, Ice T, and Englebert fucking
Humperdink tossed into a hot tub. –Dustin Tooker hooks you in with guitar
riffs that will burn your skin if you stand to close to him. You better start
banging your fucking head when you listen to him. How does he do that while
backing Ryan’s vocals the whole fucking time? He is a magic man. –Guy
Couturier plays his bass like a war drum. They make more than clack and watches
in Switzerland. His playing will make you want to get off your ass and jump
around. –Kanikki, bang those drums. He just ties it all together into
one package and makes you want MORE. More, like the last beer at closing time.
-I love heavy music. I love heavy music that carries an upbeat message without
being too fucking preachy even more.

Track Listing:
1. Brick By Brick: You can face anything if you just take it one step at a time.
Don’t look at the big picture; just face the next thing in front of you.
Take it one piece at a time and you won’t get swamped over by a tidal

2. Headcase: Everybody crawls into their heads and hides beneath the sheets
every now and again. Sometimes, you just can’t answer the phone and get
out of bed. How do you make it stop? Grab your remote and play track 2. Ryan
understands your pain.

3. One Wish: Have you ever wanted anything so badly, got it, and it was a fucking
disappointment? Sometimes, you go after some guy or girl to love with all you
have-and it turns out that you just met their fucking representative and not
who they really are. What they turn out to be is a lying, two-timing piece of

4. Adrenachrome: Isn’t a bitch being in the same old rut? It is hard to
get out of the same old fucking routine. Just do it. Do anything different.
Eat your meal backwards, start with the dessert. Get up before noon. Empty your

5. Get It Out: Let it out or you will fucking DIE. Bottling things up will cause
cancer and severe mental illness. Keeping shit inside kills people. Keeping
it inside will make YOU be the one we read about in the morning papers. Don’t
be the headline, just scream.

6. Empire Falls: Everybody knows somebody that grew up in a house full of drunks.
This song talks about that. It is not a whiny ‘oh poor fucking me’
song. It is simply a statement about feeling lonely and afraid. What destroys
a family-disease.

7. Let Em Know: This song is the perfect introduction to grade 8. They aren’t
about the corporate thing and the buck, they are just about playing some damn
good heavy music. I think that this should be the first single off of the cd.

8. Chances: Sometimes it is better just to walk away from a bad thing. Walk
out of the party where the piles of coke are. Put down the needle. Give up the
evil girlfriend. You have to take care of yourself baby, you are all that you

9. Deal With It: It is a bitch to face your demons inside. Everybody has shit
that they would rather not take a look at, but there is only one answer to all
that shit you hide deep down inside-deal with it. If you don’t, nothing
is ever going to change.

10. Frozen: What do you do when you wake up and realize you are living with
a goddamn drunk? Maybe you should grab the bottle and join them. Maybe you should
throw them out. Maybe the shock is so great that you can’t do a fucking
thing but stand there.

11. Smoke N’ Mirrors: So you try to talk to the goddamn drunk, but only
lies come out. This person is playing a con game with you, and you are coming
out of your coma and catching on.

12. Another Day To Celebrate: I NEVER thought I would hear this old classic
delivered in such a hot fucking way. I think this is the way this song should
have been originally done after listening to it seven times on this cd.

Grade 8 is on OZZFEST 2003. I think they will fucking rock the house. Grade
8 sings about your life, and that makes them absolutely perfect for MusicIncider.
Their music makes you feel better about evil shit. In this day and age, a band
that does that is a fucking necessity.
Grade 8 has a meaning and a message-and it is for you.


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