Ground:Xero LIVE


Ground:Xero is: Sean Morrisey-Guitar, Vocals. Kyle Brock-Bass. James Ashworth-Keyboads. Otis Johnson-Guitar. Mike Conway-Drums.

And so lands the empire of Ground:Xero in the realm of MusicIncider Magazine. Ground:Xero is from the darkest part of Northern Gwinett County in Georgia, and trust me that it can seem like the fucking Ice Age up there from time to time. You can’t even smoke in bars in Gwinett county-pretty fucking facist stuff up there. Facist enough to turn out one of the finest fucking death/black/extreme metal bands that Georgia has to offer. -I have been watching Ground:Xero for a long time now, and each performance is better than the last. If fact they have become a fucking pleasure to watch live and are EXTREMELY ready to jump into a major tour. They have a good size following all over Georgia and gig all of the time. The band is relentless with its promotion, independently producing its demo though the bands very own Sounds Of Chaos Records label. -But back to the band live, Vehemence thought enough of Ground:Xero to give them a nod about how much they kick ass onstage. I RARELY see a national act give a second fucking thought to the opening local. That alone should tell you how fucking worthy Ground:Xero is becoming. -Sean Morrisey is the picture of metal, sex, power, and punishing fucking guitar onstage. He opens his mouth and you would swear that the sky would fall if he asked it to. His presence on stage and vocal style is going to remind you an awful lot of Peter from Vader. His guitar style will remind you, at times, of the one and only Dave Mustaine. At other times, he will remind you of Steve Swanson. He will remind you of a lot of things, but after a while you will only see Sean. He kicks ass. -Kyle Brock on bass is a suitable little moster for keeping the feel of Ground:Xero low-tuned and fucking extreme. Let’s shoot for the moon on this one Kyle, keep impressing me with every fucking time I see you and you may start to remind me of James Newstead. -Otis Johnson plays a mean tandem guitar with Sean Morrisey. What I like is this, neither one of them seem to take the guitar spotlight for very long. Ground:Xero guitars are very much a group effort. Otis plays guitar like Matt Bachand from Shadows Fall and James Hetfield. I like this guy. -Mike Conway on the drums is a hardworking, ass-kicking, punch the clock sort of guy. He isn’t the type of drummer to phone his shit in. He gets the job done and holds the HUGE fucking Ground:Xero sound together. But I have to save the most interesting aspect of this band for last, James Ashworth on the keys. I almost never get drawn in by the stage presence of a keyboard player. I was looking at my pictures, and I have a ton of this guy all by himself. I can see why Ground:Xero puts him right up front with the rest of the guitar players. -That’s right, that keyboard player is like another fucking guitar player for the band. He does this crazy looking shit with his eyes like he is demon possessed. He flips thast long hair over his keys and it is fucking hypnotic. -Ground:Xero is similar to Slayer, Morbid Angel, and Deicide. They have a harsh, extreme, angry death/thrash metal feel to them and you ARE going to love them. Take my word on it. They fucking rock. -You want to see them do MUDEROUS INSANITY OF THE PANTHEON and DEPARTURE live.


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