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“Rock music attained perfection in 1974 with Cheap Trick.”

– Homer Simpson

Band members: Jimmy Northup on lead vocals and keys, Matt Little on guitar, Juan Woodfork on bass, Norm Ficke on guitar, sax and keys, Steve Dixon on drums, and Jonathan Lloyd on trombone and percussion.

Gurufish is well-packaged, with a superb sense of style, which is key to a band’s success. The cover is sexy; the photos scintillating.

The music is as sexy as its album cover, especially when seen live. The horns are pronounced, punctuated, and the bass is aptly heavy. Jimmy Northrup’s vocals sit pretty atop the music. Northrup plays the 1970s glam-pop/pretty man role with style.

Gurufish makes the most of their potential – that glamorous, sexy, funk-pop sound, and I would love to see Rachel Baron come along and do what he did for Rockets to Ruin for Gurufish.

There are 14 tracks (too many to mention specifically here.) For the most part, many of Gurufish’s songs will remind you of something from the 1970s, but slowed down a bit. There’s a taste of Prince in there, though it rides somewhere between typical heavier funk/pop and Prince’s sometimes lighter fare.

Musicincider was very fortunate to see them live at the second annual beerfest at Woodruff Park. Beer, bands, and a Sunshine Happy Day, brought to you by Gurufish.

If you ever get the chance, go see them! They’re wonderful, friendly, stylish, and a musical treat. Live horns, Steve Dixon on drums (he’s fantastic), beautiful back up vocals, and true art by everyone involved, particularly the bassist.

This is one CD to buy. TO understand Gurufish, you have to listen to them. Everyone has their own definition to each track on that album.


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