Hypocrisy: The Aliens Have Landed


Hypocrisy: Peter Tagtren-vocals/guitar. Andreas Holma-guitar. Mikael Hedlund-bass. Horgh (ex-Immortal)-Drums.

Barbara Fara
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Peter Tagtren spent three years in the death matal capital of the world, Tampa Florida. I wonder what it is about Tampa that produces such extreme music as Six Feet Under, Cannibal Corpse, and The Autumn Offering. Tampa is so fucking extreme that it has spilled into Atlanta with bands like Threat of Life, Ground Xero, Daath, Mastodon, and my new babies-Artimus Pyledriver. Just a hint Tampa-Atlanta bands are becoming more innovative than you, they are becoming more hungry than you. They get passed over too fucking much while people are on their way to Tampa. This makes them work so much harder-but I am off on a tangent. -More about Peter and Hypocrisy. (Peter owns The Abyss (Hypocrisy album name) recording studio and is a well known producer.) After three years, Peter went home to Stockholm, Sweeden to form his own band in 1990. Early Hypocrisy was not anything to write home to mother about. Just more perfect death metal. Death metal is full of bands with absolutely perfect execution and excellent musicians. As a journalist, I am always on the hunt for something different. It gets fucking boring to say the show was perfect, nobody fucked up their shit onstage, but they sounded like the three bands before them. Death metal is just that good. The same cannot be said for todays up and coming rock and alternative bands-it is fucking easy to pick the winners there. Death metal bands have to put more of themselves on the table in order to become successful, and they have to be willing to roll with the music and the places that it takes them. Enter Hypocrisy. Over the years, the band has developed a lyrical style that looks inward-and they have put their beliefs about aliens and extra terrestrials out on the table for everybody to see. Good move. Brilliant move. Bands like Deicide and Slayer have beat the Satanic thing into the fucking ground, if I was a Satanist it would really piss me off. In order to move forward, you have to be seen as more than just a Slayer rip off. Amorphis bases their lyrics and music on a book of poetry. As I Lay Dying is a CHRISTIAN death metal band-if you don’t believe me, get ahold of some lyrics. I saw that snuff film-Passion of the Christ. Hypocrisy does death metal for aliens-but it is NOT fucked up and stupid to consider that the universe is a big place. We are fucking arrogant if we think we are the only race that lives in it. It takes some artistic thinking outside of the box to even consider it. If you can at least consider it, and you like your music heavy and hard enough to kick you in the balls, Hypocrisy is the band for the likes of you. -Hypocrisy turned the corner with 1994’s Fourth Dimension, and 1996’s Abducted. The band began to build a cohesive theme at that point and gathered a following. 2005’s Virus is just that. Hypocrisy has landed as a melodic death metal band that well scare the shit out of you and sound good doing it.

Hypocrisy is a haunting band. Haunting lyrics, haunting riffs, unique vocals. Smart style. I apprecite overseas band because they are so fucking innovative all of the fucking time. This band, in particular, works harder than most live. Peter has a toned down explosive stage performance. He has all of the guitar style of a Dave Mustaine. Andread Holma I love. I love the hair. His hair is a part of his performance, and he is a wonderful guitarist. Yngwie Malmsteen would be so so proud. Wouldn’t it be fucking outrageous to get a bunch of Sweedish guitar players together live and put them on the radio and hear what they have to say? Mikael Hedlund on bass and Horgh on drums bring the thunder and the lightening. The touchdown of the mothership has begun. -My favorite tracks off of Virus are Compulsive Psychosis, Incised Before I’ve Ceased, and Fearless. Blistering, melodic riffs and haunting vocals have put this band on Wacken. I would like to see them on Ozzfest. If you get a chance, and if you want to believe-this is a band to see live.

Hypocrisy Discography:

Penetralia (1992)
Obsculum Obscenum (1993)
Pleasure of Molestation (1993) – EP
Inferior Devoties (1994) – EP
Fourth Dimension (1994)
Abducted (1996)
Carved Up (1996) – Single
Maximum Abduction (1997) – EP
Final Chapter (1997)
Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken 1998 (1998)
Hypocrisy (1999)
Into the Abyss (2000)
10 Years of Chaos and Confusion (2001) – Compilation
Catch 22 (2002)
Arrival (2004)
Virus (2005)


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