Incubus at Lollapalooza
8/3/03 Atlanta, GA

Incubus is: Brandon Boyd; vocals/percussion. Mike Einziger; guitars. Ben Kenney; bass. Jose Pasillas; drums. DJ Kilmore; turntables.

I have a lot of fucking respect for anybody with the balls to cover Hello by Lionel Ritchie at Lollapalooza-that kind of weird shit coming down the pike is always fucking great. –Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t think Brandon Boyd is all that fucking ‘cute.’ Is somebody trying to get him the cover of Teenbeat Magazine? Heart throb is also a term I have seen kicked around quite a fucking bit-pretty fucking disrespectful if you ask me. Incubus has been around kicking ass and taking names for twelve years. Brandon Boyd is NOT Justin fucking Timberlake. What fucking IDIOT in the press hung the CUTE tag on him? Obviously a stupid fucker who has NEVER listened to the heavy influences in Incubus’s music. Obviously a stupid fucker who was thrown off track by the experimental stuff in the new Incubus cd. How about this-obviously a stupid fucker. –Incubus can be really fucking heavy and they proved that with STELLAR at the Hi Fi. Incubus can change up and play the more melodic shit too, like fucking Hello. I like bands that have a variety in their approach to music. Anybody can play three fucking chords-but the trick is putting them in the right order now isn’t it. After twelve years, I would have to say Incubus is putting those chords in the right fucking order. I would have to say that they can even play more than three chords too. –As far as that stupid fucking Nu-Metal label that some other stupid fucker hung on them-my question is this? Is EVERY band that isn’t twenty years old DOOMED to be labeled Nu-Metal? Fucking metal is fucking metal. Where in the name of fucking god did we come up with ALL of these STUPID fucking categories? -I can’t wait to see who comes up with COOKIE MONSTER metal first, can you?

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