Seether: Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces
Seether: Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces / Seether
Shaun Morgan: "I would like to thank family, friends, bands and fans across the world thank you for helping me and my family through this tough time. Eugene, I will miss you forever and keep you in my heart. I love you, little brother. Rest in Peace."
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Straight Line Stitch: When Skies Wash Ashore
Straight Line Stitch: When Skies Wash Ashore / Straight Line Stich.
Her multi-octave range frenzies as hard as any dude behind a mike, and easily transitions into a soulful, nearly R&B singing style that makes SLS totally unique in what they bring to the table.
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Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta
Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta / Hatebreed
Well, my philosophy with the whole label is that I want to work with young bands that are hardworking and they know that they have to do everything themselves. Either you have it or you don't. You're never going to acquire, like, no one's ever going to say to you, "Here you go. Here's record sales and huge tours." You've got to work for it, and either you have that attitude or you don't. That drive, I mean.
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CD Reviews

Anathema - A Natural Disaster
Let me preface this by saying that I have never heard of this band before. With that said, I’ll begin with my initial thoughts and reaction of the CD cover and booklet. The cover shows a man in a small fishing boat sitting in what looks to be a lake that
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Gorerotted: Only Tools And Corpses
Gorerotted: Goreskin-Grunting and Groaning. Mr. Gore-Strangulated Screams. Fluffy Olafstench-High Pitch Garroting Wires. Robin Pants-One String Banjo Strummer. The Wilson-Bass-ment Torture Screams. Junky Jon-Skunk And Skins,

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Vehemence: Helping The World To See
Vehemence: Bjorn Dannov-Guitars. John Chavez-Guitars. Andy Schroeder-Drums. Mark Kozuback-Bass, Backing Vocals. Nathan Gearhardt-Lead Vocals.

I have to admit, I am pretty new to Vehemence. I didn’t pick up a copy of …And God Was
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TORCHBEARER: Yesinia Pestis (The Black Death)
TORCHBEARER: Pär Johansson (Satariel) -Lead Vocals, Christian Älvestam (Unmoored, Solar Dawn, Incapacity) -Guitars & Backing Vocals, Göran Johansson (Setherial, Chaosdaemon) -Guitars , Mikael Degerman (Satariel) -Bass, Henrik Schönström (Unmoored, Solar
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Tarot: Suffer Our Pleasure
Tarot: Marco Hietala - Bass & vocals. Zachary Hietala – Guitar. Pecu Cinnari – Drums. Janne Tolsa – Keys.

Okay, I REALLY love this CD. Marco Hietala sounds like Dio and anybody that reminds me of Dio I love insanely. He opened hi
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Vomitory: Primal Massacre
Vomitory: Erik Runqvist-Vocals, Bass. Urban Gustafsson-Guitar. Ulf Dalegren-Guitar. Tobias Gustafsson-Drums.

Vomitory is like early Cannibal Corpse and Merciful Fate. They have an absolutely brutal balls to the wall sound that wil
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Vader: Blood/Reign Forever World
Vader: Peter-Lead Vocals, Guitar. Doc-Drums. Mauser-Guitars. Novy-Bass.

Vader is one of my favorite bands for a lot of reasons. -Vader formed in 1986, meaning they have been around for a long fucking time. I respect the hell out of
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Amorphis: Far From The Sun
Amorphis: Pasi Koskinen-Vocals. Esa Holopainen-Lead Guitars. Tovi Koivsuaari-Rhythm Guitars. Niclas Etelavuori-Bass. Santeri Kallio-Keyboards. Jan Rechberger-Drums.

Elegant, Heavy, Melodic, Progressive death metal-that describes
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Nineteen 5: Blind Eye Gone
Nineteen 5: Christine Wayne-Vocals. Brad Hariss-Bass, Backing Vocals. Kevin Watkins-Guitar. Aaron Barber-Drums.

I am interested in EVERYBODY’S local scene and I have eyes and ears everywhere. Sometimes, I cruise the web looking
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10 Fold B-Low: Low Tuned Output
Ten Fold B-Low: Thomas-Vocals. Dirk-Guitar. Steffi-Guitar. Pexxx-Bass. Pabicz-Drums.

10 Fold Below is like new metal rap meeting the death growl. In other words Soulfly, Korn, and Slipknot. –If you are into those three bands, you
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In Flames: Soundtrack To Your Escape
In Flames: Bjorn Gelotte-Guitars. Daniel Svensson-Drums. Anders Friden-Vocals.
Peter Iwers-Bass. Jesper Stromblad-Guitars.

Death metal, black metal, heavy metal....maybe we should just label it Swedish metal. In Flames is
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Malevolent Creation: Warkult
Malevolent Creation: Dave Culross-Drums. Phil Fasciana-Guitars. Kyle Symons-Vocals. Rob Barrett-Guitars. Gordon Simms-Bass.

I picked up this CD and immediately fell in love with the artwork on the cover-red and black with a cannon
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Death Angel: The Art of Dying
Death Angel: Ted Aguilar-Guitar. Mark Osegueda-Vocals. Dennis Pepa-Bass, Vocals. Andy Galeon-Drums, Vocals. Rob Cavestany-Guitars, Vocals.

I picked up this CD and thought fuck-their logo sucks. I was all prepared to hate them, an
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Titanium Black: Bleed For You
Titanium Black: Terry Michael LeRoi-Vocals. John Matthews-Guitars. Aaron Worden-Bass. Rob Spagnoletti-Drums.

This album will make the death metal children cry with fucking agony. I can already hear the bitching and moaning about t
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Astral Doors: Of The Son And The Father
Astral Doors: Nils Patrick Johansson-Vocals. Jocke Roberg-Organ. Joachim Nordlund-Guitar. Martin Haglund-Guitar. Johan Lindstedt-Drums. Mika Itaranta-Bass.

This one turned me on, but I love Ronnie James Dio, Black Sabbath, and Ra
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Easy Rider: Animal
Easy Rider: Ron Finn-Vocals. Javier Villanueva-Guitar. Daniel Castellanos-Guitar. Jose Villenueva-Bass. Rafa Diaz-Drums.

Ron Finn is from Boston-that is gonna fucking throw you because it is a Spanish band on an overseas label, bu
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Starwood: If It Ain't Broke, Break It!
Starwood: Lizzy-Vocals, Guitar. Joey Scott-Drums, Vocals. Marten Andersson-Bass, Vocals. Joe Steals-Lead, Rhythm and Slide Guitars, Vocals.

I have to be honest here-Starwood is one of my favorite new bands. I fucking love the soun
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Eminem CD Review – Encore

Two years after the release of The Eminem Show, Eminem finally let's loose another album. Encore, released November 12th, was yet another highly anticipated album from the genius we've come to know as Mr. Controver
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What the World Needs Now Is Love -Wynonna Judd -
Recently, Wynonna has found out that her real father died. She never knew her real father. The experience has been a sharp turn in the path of Wynonna’s life. As an artist she has her talent to fall back on. What God has given her no one can take aw
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Julie Roberts
Julie Roberts is the latest female superstar from Mercury in Nashville. She has a powerhouse voice and is racking up awards right and left. I wouldn't so much call her traditional country because she has that shot of the blues in her, but that blues tin
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Nirvana Box Set
The new Nirvana box set has finally hit stores, and for serious fans
of the band, the long wait is finally over. In planning since 1998 or
earlier, the box set was held up by legal battles between Kurt
Cobain's widow Courtney Love an
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UNEARTH: The Oncoming Storm
UNEARTH: Trevor Phipps-Vocals. Buz McGrath-Guitar. Ken Susi-Guitar. John Maggard-Bass. Mike Justian-Drums.

Personally, I like Unearth a lot fucking more than Atreyu. Atreyu should make the drummer the frontman and be more like Co
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Six Feet Under: Graveyard Classics 2
Six Feet Under: Chris Barnes-Vocals. Terry Butler-Bass. Steve Swanson-Guitar. Greg Gall-Drums.

This is a cover album of AC/DC's Back In Black. This is probably the most misunderstood CD of 2004. -Oh, I have heard the motherfucking
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Six Feet Under: Bringer of The Blood
Six Feet Under: Chris Barnes-Vocals. Terry Butler-Bass. Steve Swanson-Guitar. Greg Gall-Drums.

Psychedelic death metal with a STRONG political message-that is the best way to think about Bringer of The Blood. -Barnes IS the Jim Mo
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KMFDM featuring: Lucia Cifarelli, Jules Hodgson, Sascha K, Andy Selway, Raymond Watts, and Steve White.

This is a DVD for the thinking person. This is a DVD for the fans. This is a DVD for you. -KMFDM has NEVER been about blatant f
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Steve Vai - Live At The Astoria London DVD Review
The Cast: Steve 'The Devil' Vai-Guitar & Vocals. Billy 'The Best Bass Player In The World' Sheehan-Bass. Tony Macalpine-Guitar & Keyboards. Virgil Donati-Drums. Dave Weiner-Guitar. Run Time At The Astoria-four hours.

Or we could
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Sing A Song With Six Strings
You might ask yourself what the hell I am doing with this. It is a little CD for guitar players and their kids-or is it? -Country music has tremendous appeal with the songs that they point toward children, but up until know nobody has done one for child
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Keith Urban: Be Here Now
Okay. Who thinks I have lost my fucking mind? -I am a psychic and a music critic and I was drawn to this fucking guy. He is going to be the next big crossover artist like Shania Twain -that's what pulled me. -The reason for country music in Music Inci
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Megadeth: The System Has Failed
Megadeth: Dave Mustaine-Guitar, Vocals. Vinnie Colaiuta-Drums. Chris Poland-Guitar. Jimmy Sloas-Bass.

This is the best album since Countdown To Extinction-I know everybody is saying it but I really fucking believe it. I was fucking d
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Pink Floyd: The Dark Side Of The Moon DVD
Pink Floyd: David Gilmour-Vocals & Guitar. Nick Mason-Percussion. Richard Wright-Keyboards. Roger Waters-Bass.

This DVD tells you how Dark Side Of The Moon was made-track by mother fucking track-in 1973. I have been struggling a l
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Deicide: Scars of The Crucifix
Deicide: Glen Benton-Vocals, Bass. Eric Hoffman-Guitar. Brian Hoffman-Guitar.
Steve Asheim-Drums.

Barbara Fara

Go pick it up. Now. The Hoffman brothers and Benton and Asheim have split. Who knows what the
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Mortiis: The Grudge
Mortiis-vocals, synth, programming, sound design. Levi Gawron-guitar. Asmund Sveinunggard-guitar. Leo Troy-drums.

Norway's answer to Marilyn Manson is Mortiis. He wears a mask, I think-or is a really some sort of underground creatu
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The Chasm: The Spell Of Retribution
The Chasm: Daniel Corchado-Vocals, Guitar. Julio Virtebo-Guitar. Antonio Leon-Drums.

Who is The Chasm? The Chasm is a Mexican born, Chicago-based death/extreme metal band on Earache that fans of Slayer, Kreator, Morbid Angel, and O
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Pungent Stench: Ampeauty
Pungent Stench: Martin Schrienc (Don Cochino)-Vocals & Guitar. Alex Wank (Rector Stench) -Drums. Fabio Testi (Reverend Mausna)-Bass.

What the hell can I say about Pungent Stench? Technically, they are fucking excellent. The are goi
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Seymour Glass: Note To Self
Seymour Glass: Artie Kitchen-Vocals. James Federico-Bass, Piano. Steven Pepe-Guitar. Sal Guanti-Drums.

This isn't your emo band. When you listen to Seymour Glass, you will not feel an overwhelming desire to slit your fucking wrists .
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Ancient: Night Visit
Ancient: Aphazel-Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards. GroM-Drums, Vocals. Dhilorz-Bass, Guitars, Vocals. Jesus Christ-Guitars, Bass, Vocals. Kaiaphis-Guest lead vocals on Rape The Children of Abel. Andrea Trapasso-Session keyboards. Alex Azzali-Guitars on N
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Insision: Revealed And Worshipped
Insision: Carl Birath-Vocals. Roger 'Tobias' Johannson-Guitars. Daniel Ekeroth-Bass. Marcus Johannson-Drums.

I could relate to these guys right away. I wanted to name the magazine MusicInsider, but it was registered to Big Daddy P
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Echovalve: Dirty Little Secret
Echovalve: Jamie Scanlin-Bass. Billy Nielsen-Drums. Charlie-Vocals. Jay Langston-Guitars.

The South is producing some ass kicking music lately. -Tree Sound Studios seems to be at the front of this new fucking wave of rock music. Elton
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Enders Game: Game Over
Enders Game: Kevin Freeman-Vocals. Jarrod Johnson-Guitar. Dave Merrill-Guitar. Shon Harp-Bass. Daniel Burch-Drums.

I like this little heavy metal band from Atlanta. I like them a lot. They have all the thrash style of Overkill and Ex
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Johnny A: Get Inside
Johnny A: Johnny A-Guitars, Percussion. Ken Clark-Hammond B3. Henley Douglas Jr.-Saxophone. Rick O'Neal-Electric Bass. Garrett Savluk-Trumpet. Rod Stewart-Drums, Percussion.

I will bet you wonder why I am such a fucked up fan of guita
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Pyramid-The First American
Pyramid is:

Joey Stephens (vocals, guitar)
Ben Best (vocals, guitar),
Ben Kennedy (violin, cello)
Kris Baucom (keys, sax),
Brent Bagwell (horns),
Tyler Baum (bass, slide guitar),
Chris Walldo
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Korn: Twisted Transistor
Korn: Twisted Transistor / Korn
Reviews for Korn's Twisted Transistor will sex up Issue7 soon!
ANew Revolution: Rise
ANew Revolution: Rise / ANew Revolution
The last time I talked to Joey Duenas was Ozzfest 2003. He was a very honest, open and yet shy personality who knew exactly where he wanted to go musically.
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Indigo Girls: Despite Our Differences
Indigo Girls: Despite Our Differences / Indigo Girls
I've had "Despite Our Differences" now for over a year and I never get tired of it. It is perfect driving music; melodious anthems for feelin' free, inspired, and ready to change the world.
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