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13 Stories is: Cheri D, Lead Vocals and Keyboard. Cat, Guitar and Vocals. J3, Bass and Vocals. Max, Drums.
Even though I am the high priestess of metal and shit that makes you bang your head-I like something different every now and again. The day after the twister, I wanted to try something a little different. To me, that is what Music Midtown is all about. I wanted to try something fun. If you survive a twister, you want to have a little fun. You want to have a cocktail, a large cocktail with lots of tequila and salt. What is wrong with that? -13 Stories is local. 13 Stories is a party band, and you have to love them for that. What is wrong with having a little fun every once and a while? 13 Stories is sexy and cute-and they aren’t fucking sorry about it. That is why I like 13 Stories. 13 stories plays music to shake your ass to. Try them. I know you want to. –Cheri D on vocals brings back the days of SuperChick and Good Pussy to Atlanta without the seventies rejected costumes. Cheri D is more like a mistress of ceremonies urging you to party, loosen up, and get with the plan. Cheri D has a great voice, don’t get me wrong here. I would compare her to Donna Summer. What makes her different? The boys seem to love her an awful lot. She is just trying to bring a great time to the stage. –Cat on guitar is great. She isn’t pre programmed or electronic. -Cat is live. Cat is all girl is a world dominated by male lead guitar players. Girls play kick ass guitar, and that is a great thing. You WANT your little girls to see Cat play. There has to be more great girl guitar players than Nancy Wilson of Heart. To me, Cat is one of them. –J3, I have to wonder if you have a name darling. I think you are adorable and take a great picture. I think it takes one hell of a man to give up the spotlight to talented girls and be the support. I like you for that alone, but baby you kick some massive ass on bass. Bass players keep the blood pumping with any band, and you do a kick ass job with 13 Stories. By the way, I dig the shit out of your cap.

On you, it looks fabulous. –Matt is so fucking cute on drums. He should have LOADS of little girls that follow him around and call his name out loud. He is responsible for keeping 13 Stories music something to dance to. Music to dance to is different. It requires a different set of skills. This boy can do it. For some insanely fucked up reason, I want to call him the reincarnation of Buddy Rich.

13 Stories kicks ass. They are fun. I like them. You will like them too. Catch them soon at a club near you. I can totally see why they were at Music Midtown X.

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