Billy Talent at The Cotton Club

July 16th, 2003
Label: Atlantic

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Billy Talent is: Ben Kowalewicz- Vocals. Ian D’Sa- Guitars. Jon Gallant- Bass. Aaron Solowoniuk- Drums.
From: Canada.

The Cotton Club is a cool little venue. It holds about six hundred and makes you feel close to whoever is on the stage. I was able to catch Billy Talent when they opened for The Buzzcocks on July 16th. The Buzzcocks are a classic-I like them. Everybody with a fucking brain likes them, but I went for Billy Talent. I wanted to see this band up close and personal, and I have to say that I was not disappointed. –It was VERY cool that The Buzzcocks bass player introduced Billy Talent. To me, this is another reason to like The Buzzcocks. Those punk rock icons have class. –Billy Talent was oh so worthy of opening for The Buzzcocks. Wait until next year; they will be candidates to headline The Warped Tour. Billy Talent is a punk band. There are no fancy pyros or complicated lights at a Billy Talent show. They have three microphones, two guitars, and a drum kit. They are four pretty regular looking guys (with the exception of Ian D’sa’s hair, and the BillyBot 2000) that get up on the stage and wail. Billy Talent does not suck. You want to see Billy Talent. –When Ian D’Sa took the stage, the girl in back of me said, ‘Look at that hair. We should ALL have that hair.’ Will Ian D’sa’s hair become as big as the Mohawk was? Inquiring minds want to know. But when Ian opened his mouth and started to play, nobody gave a fuck about his hair. –Ben Kowalewicz is a little guy. He is all of 5’5” and a 130 lbs. Don’t let his size fool you.

Close your eyes and he sounds like he is eight feet tall. I really don’t think he needed his microphone at all. He jumps around like somebody gas lighted him on stage. He has an amazing presence up there. He is the male Deborah Harry. Go to a Billy Talent show, and be prepared to get sucked into Ben’s vortex of punk. - Aaron Solowoniuk on drums is just fucking determined. He had his jaw set the whole time. Fuck with Aaron, I dare you. He will play you like a broken snare drum and a shaky high hat. - Jon Gallant on bass plays like his life depends on it when he is on stage. I love people that give it all for their music. –The BillyBot 2000 was fucking great. I love the empty beer cases he had on his arms and legs. The BillyBot 2000 –inspired by the beers of the road. Outfit courtesy of Glad trash bags. The BillyBot 2000, a punk icon for our times.

Yes, if you are into punk, go see Billy Talent. Pick up their cd. They are hot, and coming to you from Canada. Watch the BillyBot 2000 and listen, he is telling you to see Billy Talent. Just say yes. See Billy Talent-LIVE. You will not be disappointed. I loved them.

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