Die Trying Rattles the Big Rock

June 13th, 2003

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Die Trying is: Jassen (vocals), Jack (guitars), Steve (bass) and Matt (drums)-They go by their first names, nothing else matters. 99X is notorious for bringing the hot new shit out first. 99X was the first to play Godsmack in Hotlanta-so 99X brings us Die Trying. Die Trying blasted onstage with an energy that vibrated the crowds eyeballs. This is a band to see live. They will make you want to slam your body next to your neighbor and form a mosh pit. They will make you glue your eyes to them at all times. They will make you want to take them home-but most important, they will make you want to buy their cd and go see them again live the next time they are in town.-The crowd at the Big Rock loved them. They were great openers for Saliva. I can see why Papa Roach loves Die Trying-and I can see why a music lover would too.

What does Die Trying sound like? The bands sound is like Matchbox Twenty meeting the Sex Pistols and having a bar fight. It is pretty fucking intense. There are heavy punk tones in this rock band-and I like it. It is shit to bang your head to. - Jassen is the front man-and you just can’t take your eyes off of him. I would compare him vocally to Spyder One of Powerman 5000, Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, and Tim McGraw. His voice is so strange and beautiful that it is downright enchanting. That is why MusicIncider likes him. –Jack, what a great name, is downright crazy on guitar and I love the fucking attitude. Jack, what a great drink, pour yourself some guitar playing from Die Trying to go with your next cocktail. –Steve keeps up with the action on bass and drives the music with the beat like an air traffic controller. –Matt bangs those drums like he is going on the warpath. He is the heartbeat for Die Trying. Listen to them. You know you want to. Die Trying is 99X.

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