Whirlwind Heat Cooks Up The Big Rock

Whirlwind Heat Cooks Up The Big Rock
Label: Third Man/V2
June 27th, 2003

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Whirlwind Heat is: Brad Holland: Drums. David Swanson: Vocals & Moog. Steve Damstra: Bass.
From: Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Whirlwind Heat is hot hot hot. They get on stage and fucking explode like six million Roman candles on the fourth of July. I want to call Whirlwind Heat’s sound punk rock. The sound is hard, edgy, and packed full of energy. I can see why 99X brought Whirlwind Heat to the band meadow at Stone Mountain. I can see why Jack White works personally with Whirlwind Heat. They cook. What the hell is going on in Michigan? Michigan is cranking out a new sort of sound- hard, simple, and fucking beautiful. Leave it to 99X to bring all of the new, different shit. –David Swanson is an explosion on stage. He is a lot of fucking fun to watch on stage. Watch all of these boys, they are all about the fucking show. –Steve Damstra makes me forget about Whirlwind Heat not having a lead guitar player, he bangs the shit out of that thing like he is three guitars. –Brad Holland sounds like a drum line from a fucking marching band. –Whirlwind Heat is fun. They have a HUGE sound and I love 99X for turning me on to them. Catch them in Atlanta in September. -Whirlwind Heat is 99X.

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