The White Stripes Paint The Big Rock: 99X Show, Stone Mountain

The White Stripes Paint The Big Rock: 99X Show, Stone Mountain
June 27th 2003
Label: V2

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

The White Stripes: Meg White --Drums / Backing Vocals / Tambourine.
Jack White --Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards / Piano
From: Detroit, Michigan.

The White Stripes packed so many people into the 99X Big Rock Show that Stone Mountain was forced to close the gates and not let anyone else in. Stone Mountain is pretty fucking big, and that is quite an accomplishment isnít it? -It just goes to prove that 99X has its collective finger on the pulse of Atlanta. Once again 99X, MusicIncider thanks you. -The White Stripes have the coolest tech crew. Every one of them dresses in red and black just like an army. There is no mistaking who is with the fucking band. ĖThe White Stripes have a simple stage set up. There arenít any pyros. There arenít any DJís. It is Jack White with his guitar, some amps, and a mic; and it is Meg White with a mic and a simple drum set to Jackís left. Looks pretty basic, but donít let looks fool you. For not having a bass, The White Stripes pump out a really HUGE sound. The White Stripes play music that is bluesy, country, punk, and straight up rock and roll. They are a regular music buffet and they can PULL IT OFF very fucking well. I love the fact that they cover Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton -two amazing icons that get no fucking respect. They even pulled Loretta up on stage for a concert. I love The White Stripes because they are DIFFERENT and they sound GREAT. The crowd at Stone Mountain loved them for the same reason. -We heard Jolene with Jackís outstanding bluesy, country rock voice. I wonder what Dolly Parton would have thought about it. I would love to see her on stage with Jack and Meg. I would have loved to have seen Loretta Lynn on stage with them. I have amazing amounts of respect for musicians that give love to those that came before them. ĖWe heard Seven Nation Army, and a dozen other soon to be White Stripe classics. -The White Stripes rock. Atlanta loves them. I love them. 99X did an amazing thing by bringing The White Stripes to Stone Mountain. The White Stripes are 99X.

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