Six Feet Under Makes Atlanta Bleed 10/19/03 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Six Feet Under is: Chris Barnes-Vocals. Terry Butler-Bass. Steve Swanson-Guitar. Greg Gall-Drums.

Okay. You missed it. It was Sunday, and you decided to stay home. Aren’t you fucking stupid?!? It wasn’t like there was anything fucking fantastic on TV. It wasn’t like they were charging forty bucks to get into The Masquerade, although they easily could have. –The touring bands were pretty fucking excellent, but I wanted a lot more out of As I Lay Dying. As I Lay Dying (lets hope I got the name right, this boy had a hellish echo on his microphone) was opening for Behemoth on the Un-Natural Born Killers Tour, and I am not too sure they fully appreciated that. They did not suck, but they did not completely sell me as being a future death metal powerhouse band. They look like the boys from Rooney dressed in black t-shirts. Behemoth was incredible. I can totally see why they are going out with Danzig. Behemoth has the intensity level and the stage presence to grace the tour with one of my personal heroes, Mr. Glen Danzig. Skinless is definitely going places, and was a worthy opener for Six Feet Under, but fuck-I wasn’t there for any of the opening acts. I was there for Six Feet Under, just like everybody should have been. –Death metal is angry, aggressive, and fucking intense. I love death metal when it sounds good and the music is so thick your soul tears into it like you are tearing into a steak with a really sharp knife and the steak is really bloody. Six Feet Under puts out that kind of death metal. -Lots of bands have front men who can growl and scream, but precious fucking few can do it on key and make it sound incredible. Precious fucking few of those death metal front men have the slightest clue about the message they are trying to put out there while performing. Chris Barnes can growl, scream and sing like fucking Pavarotti. He makes his performance classical with the rise and fall in his voice. Listen to him and you can hear every drop of rage, frustration, joy, and agony that he has ever felt. For the price of a ticket, you get an opera complete with music you will LOVE listening to. Chris Barnes’ lyrics sound like a Stephen King horror novel combined with a psychic reading from Edgar Cayce. The man is going where the rest of us are too chicken shit to go. He explores what you can’t see every day and sing about the shit that haunts you in your dreams. He knows what he is doing and he knows what he is trying to say. He doesn’t waste time talking on stage; he lets his music do that for him. –Terry Butler is a fucking wizard on bass. He has stage presence, and most bassists don’t. That bass undertow is like marching music when you enter the gates of hell. The strange fucking thing about his bass playing is this-it provides undertones to Barnes’ voice. What the hell does that mean you ask? Barnes’ voice and Butler’s bass become this fucked up and beautiful music chord. –Steve Swanson on guitar is amazing. SFU’s music is SO thick that it is hard to see just how fucking brilliant this guy is unless you are paying attention. If he weren’t there, you would miss him in the band’s sound. Watch him live. He could hang with the likes of Steve Vai or Malmsteen any night of the week. He has a great stage presence too, and he has that long blond hair that looks so fucking hot on guitar players. –Greg Gall needs a hug. I saw you Greg. You were kicking ass, but you were mighty fucking busy. You make your drum kit sound like rolling thunder and lightning strikes. You really know how to set the mood for a walk on the darker side of life.

The set started off with BRINGER OF BLOOD, the title track off of the new cd. There could not have been a better beginning. The pit started right away with two big drunk redneck gorillas banging the shit out of EVERYBODY. Did you ever notice that the two biggest fucking guys always get together to beat the shit out of the little ones? BRINGER OF BLOOD inspired those little fuckers to try though. Barnes’ voice gave them the balls to get knocked on their asses time and time again. WHEN SKIN TURNS BLUE was fucking unbelievable live, that one really stoked up the fucking ‘mosh pit’. MY HATRED kicked ass. Barnes screamed so hard that I thought he was going to give himself a fucking hernia, and his scream was ON KEY. When I watched him, I felt like I was screaming too-just on the inside. After all, I was working. –Some of you fuckers at this show REALLY pissed me off. Why would you even think that SFU was going to do any fucking Cannibal Corpse? If you were really Cannibal Corpse fans, you would have known that Barnes and Cannibal Corpse have parted ways. You wouldn’t have been screaming for fucking Cannibal Corpse songs. You made yourselves look like a bunch of fucking jackasses. I think that every time one of you scream for Cannibal Corpse, SFU should break into a cover of Sonny and Cher’s ‘I Got You Babe.’ That just might cure you. That or a fucking lobotomy-it doesn’t matter to me.

Six Feet Under puts on a show that shakes your bones and haunts your dreams. The true fans chanted them back onstage with ‘Six Feet Under.’ The band answered the call and played until two am. Trust me, you want to experience a Six Feet Under show as soon as you fucking can. Maybe if we are lucky, they will forgive the ignorant people who were yelling for Cannibal Corpse and come back to Atlanta.

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