Everclear: Slow Motion Daydream

Everclear: Slow Motion Daydream


Label: Capitol Records

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Editor-In-ChiefEverclear is: Art Alexakis, (vocals, guitar). Craig Montoya (bass, vocals). Greg Eklund (vocals, drums).

"This album goes to a different place," ALEXAKIS explains. "I had always toned down the politics in my lyrics, but not on this one; I let it come out as I felt it, saying what I wanted to say. It's an opinionated record because we're at a time in our history where we all need to stand up and be heard." (msopr.com)

Kurt Cobain liked Everclear. That should be enough to make everyone listen to fucking Slow Motion Daydream. Art’s mom worked for minimum wage and raised her son alone. That should be enough to make you want to fucking listen to Slow Motion Daydream. Not enough? Let me help you.-Slow Motion Daydream is the sixth album from Everclear. Alexakis can still bang out punk vocals as well as he did on Sparkle and Fade. Art can still make his guitar jump like it did on So Much for the Afterglow. He is showing no signs of heading for a place where he is going to call it quits. Art has some very important shit to say, and the music fucking rocks. –Craig Montoya on bass adds even more fucking heart to Slow Motion Daydream. I took Craig’s picture at Music Midtown, and the camera loves him. That boy is in a class all by himself. –Greg Eklund ties it all together on drums. He reminds me of another favorite of mine on this cd-Joey Kramer from Aerosmith. He plays a wicked fucking guitar too. –Slow Motion Daydream is filled with important fucking lyrics -and music that reaches out and bites you on the ankle with its big sharp teeth screaming at you to fucking wake up. This cd has the classic Everclear sound, but with a message. The album liner will put you in a trance. Dr. Demento would be proud. So, lets fucking wake up and talk about the tracks on Slow Motion Daydream.Track Listing:

1. How to Win Friends and Influence People: There is someone always out there ready to take you for a fucking ride baby. You won’t see it coming, and they like it that way. Somebody is always ready to break your heart, break your soul, and fuck you up. This song gives you a warning-‘If you stare at the sun, it will burn your eyes.’ Wake up. It isn’t REALLY Ed McMahon at the door.

2. Blackjack: You know what a fucking blackjack is? It is a club that can be used to crack your skull. There are people in the world that are fucking asleep and think that it is okay to have their skulls cracked open on a regular basis. Those people that love to have their skulls cracked are happy because everything is simple for them. Everything is black and white-there is no grey. There is no grey means there is no fucking middle ground! Is your life really that simple? Mine isn’t. -Look out, scary John is coming for you. By the way, his last name is Ashcroft.

3. I Want to Die a Beautiful Death: Did Kurt Cobain really die a beautiful death? Did Hendrix? Did Joplin? This song is more of a tribute than anything. We can understand the old rock and roll fucking saying- I want to live fast, party hard, and leave a beautiful corpse. Everclear also makes a point here-lot’s of people fucking feel like that. The lyrics aren’t preaching don’t kill yourself to the listener. They are just letting us know that they understand the feeling that some people just think getting out of this life is a better thing-so don’t go jump off of a fucking roof over it.

4. Volvo Driving Soccer Mom: People do not love this song like I think they should. What if your name was Kayla and you were a stripper at The Diamond Club? You were a bad girl and you did bad things-like having a threesome with your sister and her boyfriend at the high school prom. Guess what? I think you are going to become a Volvo Driving Soccer Mom. - Or maybe you will get a sex change and become a rock star-who knows?

5. Science Fiction: Life doesn’t seem real. Watch the fucking news. There is a war going on in a distant land. People die in tragic ways- in car wrecks, in fires, and in airplane crashes. Kids die and get abducted. Watch the news and try not to cry like a fucking baby, I dare you.-You have to try to hold on. After all, life is getting better for awhile huh?

6. New Blue Champion: The hero in this song isn’t going to be fooled by the same fucking shit from the same fucking person anymore. He finally knows the truth. This is THE anthem for 2003. It is okay to be fooled once or twice, but hey once you catch on REFUSE to be taken for a fucking ride for a third time.

7. TV Show: You know what? I am going to hit the lottery, pay off all of my bills, and start the hard copy of MusicIncider Magazine. With that lottery money- I am going to get my firebird, my penthouse in Manhattan, and my Georgia mansion. Fuck man, life is going to be so fucking great as soon as I hit the Powerball. I am going to run down to the gas station with my dollar right fucking now!

8. Chrysanthemum: This song is spooky shit. It gives me chills. It comes from that crazy place where your world is crumbling and you are just trying to find something to hold on to. It makes me think of somebody’s husband or wife dying. -Art was thinking of two children that got abducted in Oregon (Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis) when he wrote it. I think that the worst thing is the world must be somebody hurting your child. I can see how that would make somebody fucking crazy.

9. Sunshine: I don’t know anybody that can stay wasted forever-but it is okay to have a good memory or two. Drugs and booze will help you stay asleep. Stay wasted and you will never be able to change your life, or change anyone else’s. Stay wasted and you will become the homeless person on the corner begging for change and believing that someday it is all going to get better. –The amazing thing is that this is a fucking anti-drug song from a punk band, and it sounds pretty fucking amazing too.

10. Beautiful Life: Everybody wants to be happy. Everybody wants to have enough money to pay all of their bills, and not worry about having enough food to eat. Everybody wants to have a good place to live. Everybody wants to feel okay with their lives and be happy and secure, but who fucking does?

11. New York Times: Everybody wants to believe in a world where airplanes are not crashed into buildings and thousands of people die. Everybody wants to believe in a world where good wins over evil, and the hero gets the girl. That just isn’t the case. This song makes you want to try to make that world real. Stand up. Make your voice heard.

12. White Noise (hidden track): There is a reason this is a hidden track. It means you were good enough to go buy the cd and not download the shit off of the internet. So do you know what? Go buy it. I did. I know you will fucking like this one. –(hint) I just want to catch you when you fall down.

Slow Motion Daydream is classic Everclear with a message. If you like Everclear, you will love this. I like Everclear, and I love Slow Motion Daydream. Art, Craig, and Greg deliver a rock classic with this cd. Everclear shows no signs of ever giving up on the formula that has made them what they are. I like Everclear because they have always been themselves with no fucking apologies. Everclear has always had a story to tell and a truth to speak. This time, they are telling us about ourselves and trying to get us to wake the fuck up and do something-do anything. Yes, listen to Slow Motion Daydream. You want to. If you get a chance, go see Everclear live. You want to do that too.

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