Johnny Lokke: The Wrecking Ball

Johnny Lokke-Guitar, Bass, Vocals.
Scot Goacher-Drums and Percussion.
Stefan Leibing-Lead guitar on Human Race and Down to London.
Aron and Ladonna-Backing vocals on Fuel.

I want to give Johnny Lokke a big complement. He has a voice that rocks the house. This man’s voice can be compared to all the major band’s lead singers. I love this album. Nothing sucks on it. It is a kick ass album. It is a true fucking metal album. Lokke should be proud of his talents. This is one band I would go see. When we talk about Scot Goacher, what can I say? He is Tommy Lee on drums. Johnny and Scot are a powerful team. The two of them are like Batman and Robin. When is somebody going to let them out of the Bat cave and give them a fucking break? This is the way metal should be played. I think it is great the Johnny added his wife and kid to Fuel. It was like a little Johnny Cash and the Carter family-metal style.

Track Listing:
1. Wrecking Ball: This track is like a Stone Sour and Ted Nugent combination. Johnny is telling us about his life, and his life is his music.

2. Human Race: Be grateful for you fucking have. We all fucking struggle and hurt, but it is a long fucking path. Never look back, and pay attention to right fucking now.

3. In The End: This song reminds me of OVERKILL automatically. His vocals on this song are Blitz, but it has the Lokke stamp on it. This fucking song rocks. It should be the first release.

4. Down to London: The riffs on this song remind me of Zakk with Black Label Society. This song is Zakk and Ozzy. It even has some Deep Purple in it. The vocals on this track remind me of Axl Rose.

5. See You Around: Johnny sounds like Corey Taylor and Morrison combined on this song. The music again, Jesus Christ, we even have some Megadeth in there.

6. Lightning and Fire: We are back to Zakk on this track. It is all Zakk on this one, even the voice. Zakk are you listening? Wake the fuck up man. Johnny said in his interview that he wants to work with you.

7. Take The World: This should have been a Batman theme song. This song would have been great for Daredevil too. Johnny, take my advice; when I email you again, I will give you Zakk’s record label address.

8. Fuel: This one reminds me of Skid Row with Cathedral, and again with a twist of Zakk. When I listen to this, I would swear I was listening to Zakk Wylde’s little brother. This should be the second release. Johnny should submit his stuff to KNAC.

9. Eyes of the Gods: This song makes me think of the Blizzard of Oz. It has Zakk’s voice and Johnny’s visions. This one should be the third release. This one is a fucking home run. I can see that ball flying out of Yankee Stadium.

10. War: This one reminds me of all fucking OVERKILL, top to bottom with a slight touch of Metallica. On this song, Johnny’s voice sounds like a combination of Hetfield and Blitz. It is like he is fucking possessed. Which uncle is going to win the battle for Johnny’s soul?

Uncle James or Uncle Bobby?

11. Burn: This one reminds me of early Metallica. The war for Johnny’s soul is still on with this one. The chorus on this song is all OVERKILL. This song is ass kicking.

12. Sins of the World: More heavy Metallica influence on this song. It is Metallica, Zakk, Overkill, and Cathedral all wrapped up into one. This song is like a glue stick-you can’t forget the music and the lyrics in it.

This is a great driving song.
Would I go see them live? Fuck yeah, they should be on a national tour by now. I am shocked that the Devil Vai hasn’t heard them yet and offered them a deal for their souls. They belong on Favored Nations with Vai.

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