Banned from Utopia

Banned From Utopia
“So Yuh Don’t Like Modern Art”

Bruce Fowler (trombone, vocals, euphonium, synth)
Tom Fowler (electric bass, violin, acoustic bass)
Walter Fowler (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Tommy Mars (piano, Rhodes, Hammond B3)
Robert Martin (vocals, piano, synth)
Kurt McGentrick (baritone sax, bass sax, Eb contralto clarinet, piccolo)
Mike Miller (guitar, vocals)
Chad Wackerman (drums)
Albert Wing (tenor sax)
Marvin Fowler (scratcher)
Ed Mann (marimba, percussion)
Mark Matthews (guitar)
Phil Teele (bass trombone)

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

So Yuh Don’t Like Modern Art is a brilliant and fun debut cd from a cast of characters known as Banned From Utopia. The size of BFU reminds me of the big bands from the forties. You know, during the time when music was not programmed into a fucking keyboard. Banned From Utopia was formed as a tribute to Frank Zappa. Guys, wherever Frank may be, I am sure that Dancin’ Fool is proud. There are no holds barred on this cd. Listen carefully and you can hear hard rock, jazz, country, and classical. BFU does not want to bore the listener. It is funny and musically complex. This cd has six of Frank Zappa’s original instrumental songs. “Tink Walks Amok/Thirteen” is a combination of two Zappa tunes. “Sinister Footwear” has GREAT horns in it. “Filthy Habits” has an ass-kicking duet between Mike Miller and Tommy Mars. “Twenty Small Cigars” is a jazz ballad first class. “Dupree’s Paradise” is a compilation of the best performances of the song that were recorded from 1973 to 1988. –I wonder how they do that. A riff from 1974, and a drum track from 1980?- There is no bubble gummy crap here. -The cd has five original songs on it. Each one of these five songs tells a complete story-beginning, middle, and end. There are no lyrics that need to be interpreted here. The listener just needs to give up and go along for the storytelling ride. Don’t plan on relaxing though. This work demands your attention. Pay attention-Sister Evangelistis is giving a quiz at the end.
If you need and enjoy challenging music to listen to-this is the one for you. If you loved Frank Zappa back in the day-this is the one for you. If you love jazz fusion-this is the one for you.

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