Must: Androgynous Jesus

Barbara Fara
Editor-In Chief
MusicIncider Magazine

Dave Ireland (vocals, acoustic guitars, piano)
Reuben Alexander (acoustic and electric drums)
Kaiser (bass and vocals)

If you threw Steven Tyler’s voice and Bono’s voice into a blender-you would have Dave Ireland’s voice. Dave is the perfect Australian margarita. Dave blends his voice with Reuben Alexander and Kaiser to turn out the finest that Don Julio has to offer. These three guys have a huge and sensual musical sound. Who the fuck needs a live drummer to hold it together? Kaiser’s bass holds it together. Must is a modern day Buddy Holly with a kick in the ass update. Buddy Holly would be doing the music Must is putting out if he was born in this day and age. I see why Tyler And Company picked them for the Atlanta show. They kick ass. They would be a great appetizer for a Danzig show. The American band, Cursive, would be a great opening act for them. They would complement each other perfectly. Androgynous Jesus is a great album to fuck to. We know this at MusicIncider, for a fact.
The cd kicks off with Bubblegum Sleeze. The song is a tribute to stupidity and what it takes to rise above it. The second track is called Rust. Rust is about death. Our hero in the song has just realized death is on him. He knows that death is not final, but he has to break the mold. He has to get to the gate. If he doesn’t get to the gate, he will be stuck in hell forever. Freechild is our singer having a conversation with his guide. After a long time, that guide is coming home to him. Very Wicked is raw fucking sex. One Night Stand should be the first single off of the album. Our hero falls in love for the first time in this song. Heartbreaker is about spiritual growth. Hell it can be about psychic growth, it is your fucking pick. It also covers from the beginning of life to the end of time and don’t take life for fucking Visa or Master Card fees included. That plastic is not going to buy you time.
No Way Out is about an angry person. He blames hi bad relationships on his parents. Odyssey is the quest for the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is the quest to be happy and satisfied in your life. Moving On is about suicide and reincarnation. He cuts himself and bleeds to death waiting to move on. I’ll Find What I Have Been Seeking is our hero after he dies and where he ends up. Hey Baby is about life and the celebration of life. If you love somebody, let them be.

Yes, listen to this album. Go see Must live. I know you fucking want too.

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