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Peter Huttlinger
Naked Pop

Barbara Fara
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Did you ever see that movie Final Destination? Every time death was coming a John Denver song would play. I got spooked over fucking Rocky Mountain High for months. I would look up every time I heard the name John Denver. Don’t get me wrong-I am sorry the man crashed his airplane. But what the fuck man! I don’t fly because fucking airplanes crash and famous people die. Let’s take Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Patsy Cline, and the Big Bopper as examples. Patrick Swayze tried to crash himself to death in a plane, but he never cut a record did he? He dances, but that is as far as his involvement with music goes. I, for one, have too much shit to do so crashing in a plane is out of the fucking question. That is why I take the train. The next most logical question is what does a nice little album by some guy named Peter Huttlinger have to do with it? Easy answer-Peter played guitar with John Denver. This makes Peter spooky by association. In ten years, maybe Peter will be the next man in black like Johnny Cash.

Favored Nations Acoustic brings Peter Huttlinger’s Naked Pop to us. Naked Pop is a spider web of original songs, traditional songs, and tunes by the Beatles(maybe Strawberry Fields would have been good to cover), Sting (I hate Sting, just on principal), Judy Garland (another dead one, huh?), Steely Dan(who would have thought they could be spooky?), The Allman Brothers (doesn’t everybody love them?), and Stevie Wonder (I know that fucker can really see; I just feel it in my bones). Naked Pop makes you into a spooky and smart vampire-you take one bite and keep eating. ‘Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus is done so tenderly and with such style that it brings tears to your eyes (Look up, a plane is going to fall out of the sky and hit you on the head. Isn’t it good that the last song you will ever hear is done so well?) The arrangement for Over The Rainbow is original-finally somebody has done it differently (Manson should do vocals for him on this song.). I wonder if Peter can sing? I could see legions of baby Goth children flicking lighters for him at the Chamber in Atlanta.

Huttlinger is a graduate from the Berklee College of Music(He is an educated spooky man.). He has been Emmy nominated for his music on a PBS special (Maybe his next special should be the history of the vampire.). He wrote the theme song for ESPN’s Flyfishing America (Isn’t that creepy? Flyfishing.). In 2000, Huttlinger was named National Fingerstyle Champion at the Walnut Valley Festival (I know it is a great honor to win that thing, but a fingerstyle champion sounds like a porn king.). Huttlinger is an important part of the history of guitar playing in this country. Naked Pop has old standards done in a new style. Johnny Cash would like him. Naked Pop has original Huttlinger songs. Naked Pop has traditional songs. Naked Pop has something for everyone and blinds your ears with beautiful white light, just look out for falling ceilings, buildings, and airplanes. We don’t want that white light to be coming from the great beyond now do we?

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