Vurtox: In The Land of Disillusion

Vurtox plays guitar and sings for the Metal Blade band Disillusion. Just because they are on Metal Blade-you have to like them. You have to like them because I said so. Vurtox is soft-spoken when you talk to him. He doesn't have much to say, but hell he is German, so think about it. Every answer is deep, isn't it? Here is what the Disillusioned one had to say:

MI: When is your birthday?

Vurtox: May 6th. (Okay-a Taurus with the no nonsense approach.)

MI: How did the band get together?

Vurtox: In 94, me and a couple other guys made grunge and later came into metal. The band broke up in 97 and I was alone trying to find new members and I wrote a couple of songs. In 2000, the current line-up got together and we started all over.

MI: Describe your music to us.

Vurtox: The new album is gleaming with all colors metal can be. (The non answer answer-I like it!)

MI: Whatís your favorite track off the new album?

Vurtox: Back To The Times Of Splendor.

MI: How did you guys come up with the name for the band?

Vurtox: An illusion is taken from you, which does not necessarily mean this is a bad thing but itís more of an experience. Itís a chance to grown and a chance to learn something new.

MI: What is something you think your fans should know about each one of your band members?

Vurtox: I wouldnít tell, would I? Iíll skip this one! (You are a good man Vurtox. The guys will show up to the gig)

MI: Whom do you compare yourself to vocally?

Vurtox: First I tried to take all my interests like A Perfect Circle and Soundgarden, and then found out that vocals can be an expression of my soul.

MI: What age did you start playing guitar at?

Vurtox: 15

MI: What made you get into the guitar?

Vurtox: Itís very simple. It was a campfire.

MI: Tell us about the memorable show you ever played live.

Vurtox: That would be the release show of our first CD. All of the sudden it was sold out and people were going crazy.

MI: Have you ever inhaled?

Vurtox: Yeah, sure.

MI: What are your thoughts on legalizing drugs?

Vurtox: It depends. It is indeed a certain danger in a couple of unstable hands.

MI: Where do you get your inspiration?

Vurtox: It only happens when Iím with myself. The way that Iím able to do that is push all unnecessary things off.

MI: If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Vurtox: Cairo.

MI: Where were you when 9-11 happened and how did it affect you?

Vurtox: I was at home and I got a phone call from a friend of mine. I didnít believe what I saw.

MI: If you could design a memorial for the victims of 9-11 what would it be?

Vurtox: Thatís a tough one. I would make a religious monument.

MI: What do you think about the US involvement in the Middle East?

Vurtox: I do not believe in war.

MI: What album has had the greatest influence on you?

Vurtox: That would be Soundgardenís Superunknown.

MI: What do you think about Arnold being governor of California?

Vurtox: Itís a joke. Period.

MI: Whatís your opinion of George W?

Vurtox: Itís another joke.

MI: Who do you think the greatest guitar player is?

Vurtox: Mikael Akerfeldt.

MI: If you had your CD player on right now what would you be listening to?

Vurtox: Right now it would be Disillusion's.

MI: Whatís your favorite movie?

Vurtox: The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

MI: If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring 2 people, 1 book, 1 CD, and your favorite bottle of liquor, what would they be?

Vurtox: Definitely bring two women, Back To The Times Of Splendor for a CD, and the book of all books.

MI: Between the BBC and American news, who do you think is more honest?

Vurtox: The BBC.

MI: If you were God for a week what would you change?

Vurtox: I would bring people closer together.

MI: Do you believe in psychics?

Vurtox: Every now and then.

MI: Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Vurtox: I thought I felt one. Whatís more convincing was a feeling I had when I was standing on a meadow and I saw someone like an imposter in a form of a ray of light in front of me like a human being.

MI: Do you believe in UFOs?

Vurtox: I wouldnít be surprised if there suddenly were one.

MI: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Vurtox: No.

MI: If you did believe in reincarnation who do you think you were in your past life?

Vurtox: I might be someone that was religious trying to portray the bible or something. My next life Iím a butterfly.

MI: If you could bring anybody back from the dead, who would it be?

Vurtox: Oscar Wilde.

MI: What do you think the best thing to happen to Rock Ďní Roll was?

Vurtox: Nirvana.

MI: When youíre not on the road or recording music what do you do?

Vurtox: Listen to music and watch a lot of movies.

MI: Whom would you like to dump a bucket of flesh eating ants on?

Vurtox: A guy in town that had a band a couple of years ago but they split up due to him. Heís a bad example to everyone here.

MI: What do you consider your greatest achievement of all time?

Vurtox: To have made the decisions back in 99 to have left my studies and go on with my music and fully concentrate on it.

MI: What were you studying in school?

Vurtox: I was studying sociology, communications, and media sciences.

MI: If you had one million dollars to donate to any charity, what would it be?

Vurtox: I would have to draw everything into careful consideration.

MI: What is the worst job youíve ever had?

Vurtox: My worst job was serving wine and beer and not being able to take part in them.

MI: How have you seen the music industry change?

Vurtox: I think itís changing for the worse. Itís treating me well though and itís growing.

MI: Do you guys plan to come state side soon?

Vurtox: I hope so.

MI: If you could be any superhero who would it be?
Vurtox: Myself.

MI: What message would you like to send to your fans?

Vurtox: Be yourself and go on with the thing you like.

MI: What is your favorite lyric off of your new album?

Vurtox: Thereís always one waiting for me my beloved.

MI: What is your web site?


Thanks Vurtox. MusicIncider will catch you when you come to the states.

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