Greg Koch

Radio Free Gristle
Greg Koch

Barbara Fara
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Hey man! Did you know that Doctor Demento’s fucking guitar-playing twin made an album? That fucking funny guitar-playing twin is named Greg Koch. His little intros in between songs are worth the price of Radio Free Gristle-they are some funny shit. Radio Free Gristle is a throwback to the days when radio was cool and fun to listen to. You know what I mean, back in the day when turning on the am/fm was worth a damn? Koch created the kind of airplay he wants rather than waiting for some corporate machine to put it into some canned, pre-programmed radio piece of shit rotation. That makes Mr. Koch an original.

Those funny little bits between songs showcase a wicked guitar player. You have to love the way Koch abuses that fucking guitar. He makes it howl, cry, holler, whimper, and scream. Today’s metal players would do themselves a favor by listening to Radio Free Gristle. He can beat it up easily with the likes of Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoades. Koch is a guitar players guitar player. The cd had some great fucking playing on it. It is one hell of a ride. I can’t decide which in-between song clip I like the best. There are lots of fucking funny ones. The best one has to be the performer with Led Zepplin Tourette’s Syndrome. You gotta love it.

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