Adrian Legg

He Tickles The Guitar And You See Rainbows
Adrian Legg
Guitar Bones

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

When you hear Adrian Legg for the first time, you see the colors of a rainbow. You know that his spirit guides and the angels are playing along with him. Playing with him is one of the greatest guitar players that has passed away-Stevie Ray Vaughn. I also the hear styles of Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, and Lennon and McCartney-when the Beatles would do their ballads. Adrian holds his guitar as if he were holding a six months old child. He plays it very gently, loving, and soulfully. He covers from good ole country down to rhythm and blues and does not care if anyone likes, just as long as he likes it.
Adrian comes off as a man does what he wants to do and lets no one stop him. I would tell someone wanting to connect with their soul to hunt him down for tips. I would tell anyone who wants to learn how to play to listen to Adrian’s album.
The album is so healing in a holistic way I would recommend to healers. You can feel the fairies flying around him and guarding him. You can feel those fairies dancing to his style of playing. I really do see a lot Vaughn in him. I also see Hank Williams. Those styles blend like salt and pepper mixed into one shaker.

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