Mortician: Fucking Brutal

Mortician: Will Rahmer - Bass/Vocals | Roger Beaujard - Drum Programming/ Guitars | Sam Inzerra - Live Drums.

EXTREME. Mortician is extreme. I love the fact that Will Rahmer is from fucking Yonkers. I am from fucking Yonkers. It is GOOD. So, before Will opened his mouth, I knew it was going to be fucking intense. After an evening of having my eyeballs pounded by the likes of Ground:Xero, Vehemence, Dimetianon, and Akercocke, I was looking forward to having them pounded by a Yonkers boy-lol. So, this good looking son of a bitch gets up on stage with his bass and a clip from a horror movie starts playing-pretty fucking dramatic, but I would expect nothing less, and then he opened his mouth. This low, guttural, deep, harsh moan shot like gunfire from the depths of his soul. I couldn't understand one fucking lyric, but I was fucking amazed at how deep and rapid that voice was and how it fucking matched up with that rapid fire bass. Fucking incredible and original. You will love it. Roger Beaujard is fucking fabulous on guitar. He does the job of three fucking guitar players. This guy is on fire onstage. You will love him too. -Sam Inzerra plays a monsterous drum set in the dark. I couldn't tell a fucking thing about him in the dark, I just felt the low rolling thunder blasts. -My only bitch was the total and complete lack of lighting. It is always a bitch shooting in the dark, but this was less light than what I usually shoot in. The set was fucking quick, because Mortician songs are quick thunder, I just wanted it to be longer. I wanted the set to be much longer. -Mortician has this rapid death metal/grindcore excellence that will fucking turn you on. You are going to have to look up the fucking lyrics, but it won't kill you. It will be worth it, and go see them the very next time they are on a bill in your fucking town. -Look out for Hacked Up for Barbecue, Driller Killer, and Zombie Apocolypse live!

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