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Annie Minogue-Love Parade

Barbara Fara
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Welcome to the world of Annie Minogue. Her voice makes it a spiritual place. Annie’s voice is soothing, peaceful, and kind with an energetic kick in the ass. You can hear the blues come out of her heart. When you first hear her, you get the edge of Melissa Etheridge and Courtney Love. Maybe Courtney should take some lessons from Annie. You can feel the spirit of Janis Joplin watching over her. Annie could be a cross over like Shania Twain or Faith Hill. If MusicIncider had a chance to coin a new genre, it would be Passion-much like Cursive is labeled EMO. We would place Annie in that genre. Her lyrics are a confession of her pain and love. She gives us a lesson about love and sacrifice. Her music entices you to pay close attention to what she has to say.

LOVE GOES DOWN- The empty song. Let’s make love to fucking feel better so I don’t feel empty. I look for love every night and can’t find it-there’s only sex. I want love. The vocals on this song are like a rolling thunder.

LOVE PARADE- Are you ready to meet the love of your life? She is here and she is ready. She is one intense creature. I can see the gaze across the smoky bar. Don’t buy that drink for her unless you are ready to give 100%. Oh baby, she’s ready for love.

KIND OF GIRL-I am sorry I am so fucked up. I know you tried to save me. Give me another chance. I will be there to cook your dinner and pick up your dirty socks. I know you lost your way trying to save me baby. Just one more try. One more.

BRINGING ME IN-I am lost and afraid. Help me. I am falling down because I don’t know what to do now. Save me. This song is a beautiful, gentle nervous breakdown-everyone has been there.

UNSPOKEN (WAKE UP WITH YOU)-Who wouldn’t want to sing this song to someone they are falling in love with? I can see Annie pouring out her heart to a new love with the rise and fall of her voice. She wants to take the chance.

PAPER DOLL- This is the fucking breakup song on the cd. That fragile love is with someone else now. God, how it hurts. That fragile love is with the new best friend. Sure, the singer is fucking happy. Hmmmm. The vocals make Annie sound like she is crying on this song.

SORRY FOR GOODBYE-The singer is doing the dumping this time. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. The singer has to end things in order to do the right thing in this song.

HOME-This is a song about beating the odds. The singer in this song won’t die. She wants to get better and stronger. She wants to overcome all the odds. She wants to live.

IF WE LET IT-This is the ‘Please God don’t leave me,’ song on Love Paradise. For God’s sake, whoever you are, don’t leave this woman yet. She wants to love you so very much. Who hasn’t felt like that before?

COLORBLIND-The hero in this song prefers to feel nothing at all rather than pay attention to what is going on inside. She wants to left alone and in a fog. Everybody needs a good painkiller.

BLESSED-This is the healing song on the album. Love is the only healer. Love is the only blessing. It needs to be treasured for the gift that it is. You should always be grateful for love.

She would be a great opener for either Bonnie Raitt or Melissa Etheridge. Their styles would complement each other. Love Parade is a very comforting album. Would I go see her in concert? Yes, if she came to Atlanta.

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