Billy Talent

Billy Talent-Demo

Ben Kowalewicz- Vocals
Ian D’Sa- Guitars
Jon Gallant- Bass
Aaron Solowoniuk- Drums

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

I like these guys. They’re cool. They are fucking honest. They say what they want to say and don’t give a shit what fucking people have to say. You can feel them kicking the skeletons out of the closet with their Harley’s on. They sound like a really fucking pissed off Everclear and Offspring combo with a twist of Faith No More. If Deborah Harry was a guy, she would sound like Ben the lead singer. Ian D’Sa is a fucking madman. He is himself. He just tickles that guitar like a kitten or puppy. When he gets mad, that dog turns into a shepard and that kitten turns into a tiger. Compare him to no one. He has his own style. Jon Gallant on bass is a young Jeff Pilson of Dokken Fame. Aaron Solowoniuk reminds me of Ron Welty of The Offspring and Nick Menza of Megadeth.

TRY HONESTY- Our hero in the song is a child of abuse but he does not admit it in the song. He turns the song into a child who was abandoned by its father -no child should be abused.

PRISONERS OF TODAY-Remember the Morrison speech-You are all FUCKING SLAVES? Billy Talent reminds us that we are all fucking slaves and that we don’t have time for what is important. If you are gonna make it happen, make it happen now.

VOICES OF VIOLENCE-Joe the CEO works in mysterious ways-like the devil. You think you hit the big time-then Joe sends you a Hallmark card with a case of liquor and hopes you die much quicker. You might try to take us down, but motherfucker you are going to bleed.

LIVING IN THE SHADOWS-Do as you say but not as you do? Get the fuck away from me. You are not my fucking boss. You are not my god. You are a fucking lying prick that hides in the shadows and tries to be the puppet master.
Billy Talent should be on the Sanitarium Tour. That would be a great fucking break for them, opening for Metallica. Why aren’t they at Music Midtown in Atlanta? I think they would also be a great opener for Everclear. I can’t wait to get the full length cd. I know the full length cd is going to be a hit.

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