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Scarred: Live At The Brixton Academy
Gary Numan

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Who the fuck is Gary Numan? I hate to admit it, but I needed to know more about him than he sang that song ‘Cars.’ So, I looked. Let’s start with that song ‘Cars.’ That song has been covered by Fear Factory, Hole, the Smashing Pumpkins, Beck, and the Cars, of course. But is that all? No. Numan’s song, ‘Down In the Park’ has been covered by Marilyn Manson, the Foo Fighters, and Christian Death. AND THERE IS MORE! ‘Metal’ has been covered by Nine Inch Nails, and ‘Replicas’ has been covered by Deadsy. He sounds like more than a one hit wonder doesn’t he? Numan has well over three hundred original songs to his credit. He has been in the business since 1978. Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson have counted Numan as a musical influence. To top it off, Numan has a horde of rabid die-hard fans around the world. Numan fans call themselves Numanoids. They, as a group, have to get some sort of original name award. Everyone knows what a fucking Trekkie is. Shouldn’t everyone know what a Numanoid is?
What does he sound like? Well-if you love David Bowie, you will love Gary Numan. If you love Peter Gabriel, you will dig the shit out of Gary Numan. If you are in to Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, you will be in to Gary Numan. Gary is Trent and Marilyn’s big brother. You should want to hear who came first. What is Scarred? Scarred was recorded live at the Brixton Academy as a part of Numan’s PURE tour in 2000. This two cd set has seven tracks from the Pure album on it and seven of Numan’s classics on it. These songs are ‘Cars,’ ‘Are Friends Electric?’ ‘Me, I Disconnect From You,’ and ‘Down In The Park.’ The cd sounds fucking fantastic for being recorded live. The producer deserves an Emmy. If you want to try an original, this is for you.

INTRO- The Scarred into is like breathing, rolling thunder. It makes the listener think of several Nine Inch Nails tracks. I couldn’t help but think, ENTER THE SPACEMAN ZOMBIE.

PURE- Pure is metal. I thought of Tribe of Judah on this one. This song is gothic metal. I can see how Reznor and Manson were directly influenced by Numan by listening to this track alone. It is fantastic for a live track.

ME, I DISCONNECT FROM YOU- This song has haunting keyboards with a driving bass beat. It has an amazing live thrash dance beat. Why aren’t DJ’s spinning this disc in clubs? This song reminds me of Depeche Mode. Gary is his own personal Jesus in this song.

THE ANGEL WARS- This song is also a fucking dramatic masterpiece. Once again, there are haunting lyrics over a driving dance beat. This song makes you think it is time to break out the black hair dye and black nail polish.

MY JESUS- Man, Jesus IS an alien. Listen to those keyboards. The bass in the song drives the whole thing. What the fuck would Trent Reznor have become without hearing this song? Gary’s Jesus my haunt him and all that, but in this song Jesus sounds like an alien or the Loch Ness Monster.

FILMS- This song feels like the evolution of seventies punk music. If that sort of punk was to slow down and get gothic, films would be it. Numan’s pipes are fucking fantastic.

MAGIC- This song makes you want to light candles and incense. I listen to it and I see pagans dancing naked under a full moon. This song would be great for that TV show, Charmed. If Stevie Nicks could get a song into that movie, Practical Magic-why not Gary Numan?

RIP- To me, Gary becomes Jesus Fucking Christ in this song. He watches over death, and death is boredom. Christ is the reaper. Maybe Numan should produce Manson and Reznor.

CARS- This is the song we all know and love. Numan delivers it live with all of its classic eighties pop and style. This song is truly one of the greatest pop tunes of the last thirty years.

METAL- This song has an eighties beat with a 2003 space odyssey edge. It is melancholy, British, and brilliant. I can see why other artists chose to cover it.

LITTLE INVITRO- This song has a beautiful and delicate balance to it. I can feel my heart falling out of my chest with each rise and fall of Numan’s voice. This song makes the listener cry for all things half born.

DOWN IN THE PARK- We are going to church with this song. It feels like the metal edge of Numan’s gothic breaking heart. Ask yourself if you can feel yourself floating to the steeple when you listen to this song. It is a nice end to the first cd of this set.

THIS WRECKAGE- The keyboards in this song blow me away. Maybe Prince should think about covering some Gary Numan songs.

DEAD HEAVEN- Yes, heaven is dead. What you have is right here, right now. Your demons are real, they haunt you. Get up and dance. The shadows are fucking beautiful.

I CAN’T BREATHE- Can you feel the world closing in on you? Don’t cross the street. Our hero in this song can’t breathe. He shows us his fear, perfectly.

ARE FRIENDS ELECTRIC?- This song is psychedelic. The whole thing feels like a great fucking acid trip. You want to listen to this song until you crash. Dr. Leary would be proud. Sometimes you don’t have to inhale.

A PRAYER FOR THE UNBORN- Gary’s praying on stage, but nobody is listening. God didn’t pay his fucking phone bill again. This song sounds great live.

LISTEN TO MY VOICE- Let’s listen. Let’s put on our black clothes. Let’s listen how seventies punk turned into eighties synth with a dance beat. This song is music history.

REPLICAS- This song is a prayer to something that is not there. It sounds like marching music. Gary is going to war, but with who? Does it matter? This song is an epic poem and beautiful prayer to the empty chair.

OBSERVER- This is a poppy, bouncy song about stalking. I never knew stalking was such a bouncy happy thing to do. My Persian, RaRa, loved it. When this song came on, he fluffed out his little black tail and ran at top speed around the room. The cat knows a winner.

DANCE-This song is a delicate and haunting tribute to a poisonous love affair. It is gentle and painful. I am glad Gary didn’t die for some chick.

TRACKS- This song has an airy, light feel to it. This song feels like the hero in this song in finally starting to overcome mountains of pain It is the perfect end to an emotional, spiritual, and sensual cd.

YES. There are so many reasons to get this cd. GET THIS CD. Your reward for getting this cd is live Gary Numan-something you have not seen in the States for a long time. You are even going to get three bonus videos as a reward- ‘Cars,’ ‘Pure,’ and ‘Rip.’ Did I mention, YES GET THIS CD.

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