Grand National

Grand National-KingSIZE: A Bottle of Emotions

Alex Perry- Bass
Brian Woods- Vocals, Guitars
Jeff Schaller-Drums
David Julian- Guitar, Vocals

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Hey all have ya heard about the new band out of Buffalo, NY known as Grand National? These guys are not The Hives or Good Charlotte. They should be known as the reincarnation of the Beatles. Yes, that’s what I said, the Beatles. No, I am not loosing my fucking mind. Grand National has come to the public during a time when we need to be uplifted, much like the Beatles did with the Vietnam War. They are not afraid to show off their talent as musicians. Where has Grand National been hiding when we have needed them? This is no bubblegum band. Let’s hope to god nobody tries to typecast them as Green Day because they are not.
They are the new Beatles for the next generation with a millennium kick in the ass.
The guitars and bass styles on Grand National’s KingSIZE remind me of Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison. The drums remind me of Ringo Starr. The 5 Track EP explodes out of the box. We can’t wait for their first full length cd. These boys should already be on tour. They would be a great opener for Everclear or the Offspring. Shoegazer should be the first release for radio play. Shoegazer has a catchy fucking beat to it. It is about a guy that would do anything to keep his girl. Life sucks when you are pussy-whipped by a girl. I am shocked KROQ 92.3 has not played them yet. Such a waste-another band that will not get airplay locally or nationally. It is time to take a look at Grand National and their work.

SPACE OF YOU- The lyrics are true and honest. The song talks about a first love. The singer becomes Pavlov’s dog. He is waiting on her call. The call is never going to come-she’s chews him up and spits him out to dry. He still holds on, waiting for that phone to ring. She is never going to call.

HAD IT IN MY HEAD- This song is about a guy who thinks his girlfriend wants to dump him. The more he watches the TV, the more he forgets what may be wrong with his relationship. The girl doesn’t do anything to make it fucking better for him. No explanations-just lies.

DISAPPOINTED- The relationship is over. He is on the top of the roof drinking a bottle of 151 and trying to figure out how to heal. Will he see through the clouds into tomorrow?

SHOEGAZER- Grand National’s signature song. This one is going to make them big.

OPPORTUNITY- This should be the second release for airplay. This guy sounds like a young John Lennon on this track. His voice is haunting. It sends shivers up your spine.

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