Paradise Lost

The Fallen Angels of Paradise Lost

Barbara Fara
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Symbol of Life

Nick Holmes (vocals)
Greg Makintosh (guitars)
Stephen Edmondson (bass)
Aaron Aedy (guitars)
Lee Morris (drums)

In the battle for heaven, legions of angels fought on both sides. The fallen angels in the band that calls itself Paradise Lost mourn the loss of heaven in this sacrifice offered up to us entitled Symbol of Life. Nick Holmes, who sounds like James Hetfeld’s twin brother, delivers a fucking soul-wrenching vocal performance. The vocals are backed up by the driving guitars of Aaron Aedy and Greg Makintosh. Lee Morris and Stephen Edmondson combine their drum and bass performances to give a definite heartbeat to every track on Symbol of Life. They would be a kick ass opening act for Metallica’s next tour. Metallica is in the studio, and their new album is coming out this next year. Paradise Lost and Metallica have such similar styles that I was waiting for Enter Sandman or Nothing Else Matters to appear on this CD. If you are really fucking deep into Metallica, you will be into these guys. Paradise Lost is Metallica before the fucking haircuts.
Isolate tells about an angel falling wounded from heaven into the fires of hell. His only tourniquet is the belief in what he thought was heaven. Erased is the fallen angel giving heaven the fucking finger. Hell is coming, says the fallen angel. I owe no one but me. Two Worlds is the fallen angel realizing there is a purpose for heaven and hell. He realizes that he has made his fucking choice and he is locked inside of his own shell. To all, he seems inane. Pray Nightfall goes a little bit deeper into the angel realizing that he his stupidly locked into his own shell. He is praying to be able to embrace his darkness without the light. Primal is the fallen angel asking for redemption. I am sorry, says the little angel, for trying to fuck you over. Please forgive me. Perfect Mask is about our angel wishing someone would find him and reveal his sin of pride. He is in hiding from the big guys. Mystify tells about our angel embracing his fucking dark side. He is the fucking king of the road. You can’t get him, he is just waiting to get you. He hates the fucking world. No Celebration is about the angel no getting a fucking thank you for the years of service that he has put in. There is no heaven, and he is not the golden boy. Self-Obsessed is about the angel and God taking a walk. Our angel realizes God isn’t listening, and he becomes interested in impressing only himself. Symbol of Life is about all of the deaths that come in life. Heaven died for him. Channel for the Pain is about our angel feeling the fucking pain of the human race. He may be a fallen angel, but he is still an angel. Xavier is a metal remake of a Dead Can Dance song. It is a great tribute to a classic Goth band. Small Town Boy is another Goth metal bonus.
Did anyone fucking notice Lee Dorian of Napalm Death added vocals on Erased? Joanna Stevens was back up vocals on Erased, Mystify, and Primal. She should start her own fucking band. She was outrageous and mind-blasting. What the fuck is stopping her?

I cannot wait to cover Paradise Lost on tour. They are great.

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