Tribe of Judah

The Fuck Power of Exit Elvis

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Tribe of Judah: Exit Elvis

Gary Cherone (vocals)
Steve Feriazzo (keyboards/programming)
Leo Mellace (guitars)
Pat Badger (bass)
Mike Magini (drums)
Little Kayla (she devil, must go on tour)

An orgasm is a little death. The heart stops for a brief moment in an explosion of passion and fury. This is the only way to describe the music on Exit Elvis. The slow build ups are like foreplay. The electronics and keyboards are exciting teases leading up to the ultimate climax of rock guitars and drums. Mellace, on guitars, plays like an angel from heaven and a devil from hell. Those guitar riffs of his make you ache inside for more. The music is so powerful that it makes you want to rip off your clothes and fuck. Elvis was a sexy bastard at a young age. Cherone’s voice make you feel like he is right in the room with you. The combination of vocals and music on this album twists your mind. Tribe of Judah is what the Smashing Fucking Pumpkins wanted to be.
Left For Dead tells us about the death of God. God doesn’t come through and our singer knows it. No matter what religion you are, the big man is dead. Smell the coffee people. No One is about the death of the soul. There is not a god, so there must not be a soul. The only thing that is left is the fucking will. Crowley and company believe the will is the strongest force in the universe. Not god’s will, just yours. East of Paradise is about our singer not being able to be redeemed from his sins. He must have fucked a nun! He has no soul, there is no god, and he has fucked a nun. You can find him just east of paradise. Thanks For Nothing is about that nun that he fucked leaving him. She led him the fuck on. She made him believe she was going to leave the convent, and he waits for her. She never leaves. She fucks him over.
He is fucking pissed. Celibate is about the nun again. She fell from grace for him, and now he does not want any one else but her. He wonders, in the song, why she won’t come back to him. What a fucking, slut bitch she is to do that to him. Ambiguous Headdress is a dream about a past life with that same nun. For lifetimes, she has been chasing that god. In this dream, she is some sort of guru in the middle of the gypsies. For an eternity, she has been chasing the big man. She never figures out he isn’t there. In My Dreams is track seven. That woman haunts him in his dreams. She will not answer him pleading in day to day life. She will only answer him in a dream. 2+2 is just plain spooky. A little sweet little girl spirit is walking on the road of existence. She knows that there is no heaven or hell. There is only reincarnation, when it is time to reincarnate. Suspension of Disbelief is about free will. You get to choose your reality. He lets you know and the end how he turned into a conceited motherfucker. Cherone is fucking god in My Utopia. He is the measure of all things in this song. He simply doesn’t give a shit about the rest of it all though, because he is fucking god. He is perfect, and nothing is going to destroy his self made world. Exit Elvis is a beautiful tribute to the death of the King. You can hear what Elvis must have felt when he died. It is like Cherone channeled him for the song.
Would I buy this cd? Yes, it is hypnotic and destined to become a classic. It is a masterpiece. It is a great album to fuck to. Would I go see Tribe of Judah on tour? Fuck yeah. I wouldn’t miss it.

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