What can you say about four guys that range from Yonkers to Boston that call themselves Aerosmith? They are considered the American version of the Rolling Stones, and no insult to the Stones, but they can't touch Tyler and company. In simple words, they don't need a big tongue on top of Madison Square Garden like some other band and we all know who they are, or an HBO special. Though I must admit, Aerosmith certainly deserves an HBO special. I want to see Tyler and Perry on the Biography Channel. Aerosmith has been a crucial touchstone in maintaining rock and roll as it was meant to be.

Tyler and Perry are the torchbearers of rock's heart and soul. In times like this, we need some heart and soul. The wait for a new Aerosmith album has been too long for the fans. We want new music, not another greatest hits cd. Somebody needs to take the choker chain off of the Toxic Twins and let them make music the way that they used to. Let them be free so we all can soar with them. We have to remember that they are people too. At this point, I want to add something totally unrelated to the review. Steven Tyler grew up in Yonkers, New York.

He is not originally from Boston. It takes a Yonkers boy to be such a class act. Only a Yonkers boy would grow up to be one of rock's gods that gets no fucking respect as a person. Only a Yonkers boy would have the balls enough to open for Sha Na Na. Steven's famous quote, "Kick Ass and Leave a Footprint," lives forever at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You gotta love Yonkers for giving us Steven Tyler. Could he be anything else but an Aries New Yorker? We, at the MusicIncider, think not.

I got the chance to catch Steven Tyler and Aerosmith recently at the HiFi Buys Amphitheater. They still have the energy and enthusiasm of all their earlier work. They are true craftsmen of their art. Still, they do not get the respect they deserve. Does anyone wonder why? Maybe it is because they are not little kids lip-synching. Is it because they don't try to sell us beer, cigarettes, and credit cards? Is it because they don't try to get us to fall into the GAP? Though I must admit, Tyler's "Got Milk?" ad was cute, and the whole Dodge thing was a savvy business maneuver. Perry, another business genius, is starting his own baby band label for the little guys. Aerosmith is going to bring rock that matters to a whole generation of new musicians. I will bet that none of them wear Nike's. Still, they do not get the title that they deserve. Aerosmith is America's greatest rock and roll band. They were our answer to those Brits that invaded America's music scene. Their fucking hard-rocking, ass-kicking songs changed music. Other groups WANT to be like Aerosmith. They provided a model that others should follow on how to make music, and this is an incredible ASS-KICKING contribution. The contribution that they have made to the industry is of historical significance. That significance has been largely unrecognized in spite of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. To this day, we are reminded that the members of Aerosmith were horrible people. Fuck, they made mistakes. This makes them human just like everybody else. Why must the focus be so on the past and not the now? Where is the respect for America's greatest rock and roll band? Why do they not get the respect that they deserve?

Maybe because they came out and admitted they needed help and they went on a 4-year hiatus to get their shit together? Does anyone give them CREDIT for being clean and sober in a rock and roll world? Does anybody point at them as the role models that they truly are? They got their shit together. Everybody saw that night. They could have easily sold out Turner Stadium, or Phillips Arena. Hi Fi was so packed, and was not because of Must, or Kid Rock. Let's be honest. It was for Tyler, Perry, and THE BAND. The sound crew was excellent, the lighting was perfect, and the crew handling the show was flawless. There was a center stage for those sitting on the lawn. Aerosmith gave the fans on the cold, wet lawn some love rather than playing exclusively to the HiFi five hundred dollar box seats. I love any band that jumps into the middle of thousands of cold screaming Atlantans to sing about a Big Ten Inch-Record.

Aerosmith made one hell of an entrance. They waited behind a dramatic white canopy, and as the canopy was let loose the Fans went CRAZY when the band started the gig with TOUCH. Tyler is still one sexy guy. He has a phenomenal sense of style to accompany those sensuous lips. It must be the Aries in him. Tyler looked liked a beautiful big cat on the prowl in his white outfit. His silver rimmed sunglasses are a new addition for the best-dressed man in rock and roll. Of course, his scarves still framed the microphone. His partner in crime for 30 years, the mighty Joe Perry, dressed in smart rebel Virgo black complete with cowboy hat and matching jacket. Someday someone from another band will master the guitar the way Mr. Perry has, but we really do not think that will happen anytime soon. Watching Perry play guitar is like watching him making love to a woman. It was something like soft porn. Joe's wife must be a very lucky woman! Bassist Tom Hamilton looked like a proper Capricorn ready for a day at the office with his pin striped dress jacket. Joey Kramer, the quarterback drummer, looked comfortable and in control. Brad Whitford looked mystically Picerean in his black leather pants and a simple white shirt and leather blazer. Their flamboyance reminded me of the incredible New York Dolls. They were beautiful enough to rock the house with the class and style that they are known for.

Tyler loves himself and the camera. He should. His stage presence is hot, connected to his music, and powerful. His performance is connected to his soul, which makes him one of the greatest musicians of our time. This is what makes a good Aries. He is one hell of a talent and it is a shame no one sees it accept for his fans. Tyler did not drop a bead of sweat until the end of the show, while we know others with less seasoning would be sweating their balls off by the third song. When the second song started, the audience put them BACK IN THE SADDLE with their SWEET EMOTION and crazy love and devotion. These people went absolutely CRAZY. When I mean CRAZY, I am talking about people close my age that brought their children to this LORD OF THE THIGHS band. They let the children in on the secret of the twenty first century, the definition of real rock and roll. These kids had an experience they can never forget. The younger generation was embarrassed as many moms rode many dads' shoulders. Many moms threw their bras up on stage. Poor kiddies, what an embarrassment! Aerosmith gave these kids the proof that their parents were once their age, and more power to them for it! What a great revenge for each parent-to get back at their kids for all the hell they MUST have put them through! God bless you Aerosmith! You let parents be kids for a night, and you let the kids be the parents. Those kids were horrible babysitters!

Tyler and Aerosmith still have it in them to be the band they always wanted to be. That band is a traditional rock and roll band with a touch of the blues. That bluesy rock style surfaced as they effortlessly glided into JADED. I DON'T WANNA MISS A THING proved that Tyler still has the pipes to deliver the power ballad that Aerosmith developed the prototype for in the seventies. JANIE'S GOT A GUN proved that Aerosmith is still a band with a message. Children that suffer from abuse know what they are talking about. This band uses music as a platform to let us know what they see when the system does not give a shit.

Veterans of the HiFi Amphitheater will understand why a second stage on the lawn is an incredible feat of engineering and security. For those of you who do not know, it is medium venue. It has a medium amount of seats, and the rest of the venue is the lawn. I give Aerosmith credit. They had a second stage built for the fans on the grass. The second stage set opened up with LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR, rode into KINGS AND QUEENS, and TOYS IN THE ATTIC. Then, of course, there was my favorite and yours-the BIG TEN INCH-Record. Atlanta went crazy pushing in to get a little bit closer in the cold and pouring rain. You could feel the love and admiration for Aerosmith from the crowd. Tyler and company rode the wave and pushed themselves harder.

There were no problems encountered by the band on the way back to the main stage. That is love for a band that does not get credit for the hard work they do as performers. They are excellent performers by their fans. I wonder if the press does not look at them as performers, but as recovering addicts. I overheard one security guard say to another guard- "a bunch of burnouts, coming to see another bunch of burnouts." It is a shame that a band such as Aerosmith is judged for their past. I wonder if these security people would say it about THE BIG RED TONGUE BAND. Atlanta loves Aerosmith. We are a city that remembers those that bring rock into our hearts. We don't need twenty year olds to rock our socks off. Security at HiFi should hang its head for that statement, the mistreatment of the press, and for the pissy comments that several people overheard about Tyler and company. Doesn't anyone have any respect for the band that brings in the money to cover their paychecks? Of course not.

As the night was ending, Tyler handed the microphone over to Joe Perry, and as he said to the audience, we are going to show you what real rock and roll is and how to play Gee tar. Joe showcased the band's blues influences with Boz Scaggs. The fans loved it. Joe sang and Steven did back up on harmonica. When Joe was done with his number, the band said goodnight to Atlanta, and thanked us for coming and asked us to get home safely. Before they left, Tyler made sure each band member was introduced. In his loving Aries way, he goes introduce to Joe on guitar. Several times he screamed out JOE WHO and the Fans screamed back Perry, and the Joe did the same for Tyler.

The fans wanted an encore and they would not leave until they got one. Aerosmith gave us stirring renditions of DREAM ON and WALK THIS WAY. PINK, a Tyler and Perry original, graced the stage one more time. Once again, the band thanked us and left the stage. I would like to thank them. They made a cold, crappy Atlanta night sparkle with heart and soul. They took the crowd to a place where the music and the fans were one. This is a rare accomplishment in a concert going experience.

It is a CRYING shame that bands like Aerosmith put on one hell of show only to get no respect from the corporate world. They only get respect from their fans. The one thing I must admit for bunch of horoscopes that wouldn't fly astrologically speaking, they make one hell of a rock and roll cocktail who adore their fans. We are in a state of DREAMing ON until the next batch of Tyler and Perry originals come out. Please, lets not have another greatest hits compilation for a while. Steven and Joe, take us back to that place where we were LIVING ON THE EDGE.

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