Pissing Razors

Pissing Razors-Live In The Devil's Triangle

I imagine the conversation went something like this:

"Hey you fuck, we need a band name."
"-yeah, FUCK YOU!"
"Did you hear Loco has the fucking clap? He says its like pissing fucking razors."
"Pissing Razors?"
"That's it! Pissing Razors."

So began a band from El Paso Texas. Pissing Razors evolved from a band called Backdoor Cyclops. Two of the original members puss out and a new front man and bass player come in. The new vocalist pusses out AGAIN, and then one of the original guys joins him on the fucked up leaving path. Then we think we have the fucking savior, Jason Fucking Bragg. Guess What? He's not on this live compilation album. The new vocal bitch is Andre Acosta. He does not fucking suck, but those of you who are looking for the Razors you started out with hate him. You should not. I can believe him when he screams Vengeance Is Mine. I can see him making thousands of people at The Garden thrash along with those fucked up dreadlocks. Eddy Garcia has a hammering thrash metal style that hangs with any of the big boys. Cesar Soto has a LIMITED ability to crank out a decent riff. He needs to spend some time with Zack Wylde. Zack is no Randy Roads, but he has POWER Cesar. Don't be a fucking replacement pussy-boy! The drummer may drive the band, but the lead guitar gives the band POWER. Oh, Rick Valles you there? (Ricky plays bass. He's another replacement.) Just keep following Eddy. I am not sure, but he may not let you get hurt.

Live In The Devil's Triangle is just that, LIVE. The whole thing was recorded at Club 101 on September 6, 2002. Before you say, "Did they think to work on the fucking thing before they pressed fucking cd's?" I would remind you about The Misfits first album. The whole thing must have took two hours to record, but it is pure fucking genius and we love it. So you beautiful people, it's not in Bermuda. They didn't take a year and record it. They gave us one thing very few of us have ever gotten a piece of (no, it's not ass.) They gave us some Live Razors, and that is a rare thing. This CD delivers the same driving thrash that we are used to getting out of The Pissing Razors. It just delivers it LIVE with the new front boy. For those of you who don't know who the Pissing Razors are, you suck. Just go to PissingRazors.com and listen. Their influences are so obvious. They are influenced by Pantera, Machine Head, and Skinlab. Now, don't you feel stupid? The record makes you WANT to see them live. The album liner is beyond lame. Don't even pull it out and look at it. I could have done a better job with Print Shop Pro. But, you don't buy a CD for the pretty inserts. The website is weak, but easy to navigate. It just lacks content. So don't look there for tour info YET. These boys should look into Glen Danzig producing their next album because he is a genius. He knows how to make shit I LOVE. Go to the master my children, because it is a long way back from hell.

Buy this record. It does not suck. If you love Pantera, you will love The Pissing Razors. It is worth at least $13.99. Hell, it's cheaper than a concert ticket. These good old Texas Longhorns are going to be big.

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