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Marilyn Manson: The Guns, God, and Government World Tour DVD

This is from the Eagle Rock Entertainment's press release regarding the new Manson DVD: "This will help you see what it's like to be nailed to his wrecking ball," says Manson. Hey Marilyn, do you have some sort of delusion about being Jesus Christ nailed to the cross? What about the journal of death in the DVD additions? You were never nailed to a cross like Christ. You didn't die. The DVD is elegant, and the stage performances really show off your power side. The Ozzy and Sharon clips are sweet. Who wouldn't love Tammy Faye Baker? It is a great idea to have Eminem on, because he is really fucking hot right now. It was a beautiful gesture that you were one of the presenters for his European MTV award, but nobody thought it was a good idea to 'ride' the tongue on stage. You came off like an ass. You are not Christ on the cross, and we are not the people crucifying you. We are the people that love your kick-ass rebel freak style.

The stage performances on the DVD are really hot. They showcase the best performances given by Marilyn Manson from 1999 to 2001. We get to see that the Russians love old Marilyn as much as we do. His stage persona is powerful and dramatic. He has enough magic to stir crowds into complete fucking frenzies. He defies the Bible belt and drives his tour right into Jesus country. He dresses like the Pope AND Adolf Hitler. That is the kind of irreverence we expect from a guy who wears more makeup than all of the models at Victoria's Secret combined. The DVD is made for the rabid fan, and is worth the twenty-five bucks when Marilyn asks Ozzy if he can have sex with Sharon. Ozzy answers, "Again?" It is chock full of beautiful little things like that. We all know, it is the beautiful little things that make life special. But, Mr. Manson, I find it hard to believe that touring is killing you. Yes, the schedule is rough. Yes, the days are long. But it cannot be so awful to be a Rock God. Your backstage and off camera antics make you look bitchy and bored. Your redeeming quality, Mr. Jesus, is that you make music that matters and delivers powerful messages. Let's give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you were just trying to tell us that you were human.

Maybe its time Marilyn to team up with your old partner and friend, Trent Reznor. Maybe this way, you can have another fucking hit album under your belt and still remain the metal god that you are. The DVD is a wonderful complement to all of your work as an artist. It would be great to see an Ozzy and Marilyn Album, you know, like George Jones and Tammy Wynette, or Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn. It would be the Prince of Fucking Darkness and the Prince of the Bible Belt. What a great cd that would be! Then the both of you can go back on tour together. Maybe we could get Zombie to join the party. What a nice three way, don't you think? The DVD just does not show the Russian audience, but the Germans, the Americans, the Japanese-how much they adore Marilyn. Even though the DVD is a compilation of different tours, it was done with expertise. It shows the world that Marilyn is not the Antichrist that he has been made out to be. All he is just a musician.

The last great album put out by Marilyn Manson was Antichrist Superstar. All work prior to that was excellent. I think its time, Mr. Manson, you go back to your roots and fuck what anybody says about you, whether its parents or press. You stared your career to make a statement to the world. Are you going to let that statement die? That is what we want to know, and that is what your fans want to know. Is the church of Marilyn Manson going to fall into ruin? Or are you going to rebuild your congregation?

I am just curious Mr. Manson, do you have jock itch?

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