Napalm Death

Napalm Death, Order of The Leech

Napalm Death rains fire with Order of the Leech. Napalm is a political death march punk band. Punk never asks us to think. Punk just asks us to be angry, with the exception of Napalm. Order of the Leech is fast, hard, and smart. Fans of earlier Napalm work will not be disappointed. Once again, they give us more noise than music, which is not a bad thing. After being in the business for twenty years, they sound as young as when they first started. They still kick ass, even after Lee Dorian left them for Cathedral. This is another winner Sharon Osbourne left off of Ozzfest.

For you little children who don't know history, Napalm would have been kick-ass, in the days before 'the mosh pit'. Fans used to wrap barbed wire around their boots and slam dance back in the day. Napalm is a throwback to the Sex Pistols and New York's famous CBGB's when punk rock was hard, raw, smart, angry, fast, and not fucking stupid. I think that anybody that names their website www. enemyof has a fucking anger problem with the fucking corporate world. Napalm is another band probably fucked over for years by the industry and is letting their frustrations out. Somebody should give Tom Petty a call. Joe has been holding them down too long. Sharon Osbourne should be looking at the original bands that today's young bands have copied.

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