Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Atlanta's hottest metal band. You can see them at the 9 Lives Saloon in Little Five Points on Moreland Avenue. For a band that's been around since 1997, it is a fucking shame that a major label has not found these boys yet. What a gem stuck in the underground, because major corporations do not send out their scouts to little local bars anywhere in the country. Dan Kelly will remind you of a young Glen Danzig, but he is not. He is a Danzig in a different way.

Because we know, no one can replace Glen. But Dan Kelly has a fucking kick ass voice and you can hear the influence of the Misfits.

Dead By Dawn, Black Acid, and Zombie Hop are pure as a puck rock fusion can get. The band is tight and powerful. They are a great complement to the purity of Dan Kelly's voice. Punk Rock Lyrics You Can Actually Understand The First Time You Hear Them should be the title of their next song. Undead makes Dan sound like a ghouly Elvis that will kick you in the ass. It is the music Elvis probably wanted to make. I expected him to say, "Thank you very much." Netherworld is a definite hit. Dan and company are totally in sync with each other. The drummer complements both the lead and bass players, along with Dan's voice, which is pure and raw. The person who is able to listen to this album will get a great surprise.

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