January 15, 2003
The Echo Lounge
Atlanta, Georgia

On January 15, 2003, a monumental event took place in Atlanta. The Omaha band Cursive came to town and drove The Echo Lounge crazy. The crowd definitely wanted more. They knew they were watching a band that was about to break out and become major. Cursive consists of Tim Kasher (vocals, guitar), Matt Maginn(vocals, bass), Clint Schnase (drums), Ted Stevens (guitar, vocals), and Gretta Cohn (cello).

Tim Kasher's vocal style and stage performance is a reincarnation of Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison wrapped into one. As I was doing research, I found a horrible review saying that Tim Kasher could not sing. This is WRONG. Tim can sing, not just howl. His lyrics are very Morrison. They are deep, spiritual, and gut wrenching. They make you want to listen. Ray Manzarek should have hired him to do Morrison. He is an enchanting soul. It is impossible to keep your eyes off of him and his performance. I wish I had more film. I agree with him. EMO is a horrible word. Isn't all music emotional? When a fan screamed out EMO, he told them to get the fuck out in a voice that reminded me of Cobain in his early days. He did not want to hear that word. This man's future is going to be bright.

Matt Maginn is a nice Leo. He has a driving, powerful bass that he plays like a lead guitar. The guitar and the man have bonded as one. He is a madman on stage. Clint Schnase held the music together with his drumming. He reminds me of Joey Kramer from Aerosmith, a little. Ted Stevens could easily front his own band. He reminds me of a young Dave Grohl doing backup for Cobain. Gretta Cohn's cello adds a dimension to Cursive's music that no one else in the music business has. You can see her heart and soul poring out of her fingers into her cello. This is the first band that I have seen with an electronic cellist. I would like to see other bands get a cellist and try to do what she does. Gretta is magic and she knows it.

Cursive's music is raw. It thrills the fucking senses with truth and power. It reaches out through the chords and lyrics and grabs the listener by the throat and says fucking wake up, listen to me. Cursive's music is just not loud. It is perfection. This band should be playing bigger venues. They are on the road to stardom.

Their next album is titled "The Ugly Organ." It will be released on March 4, 2003 from Saddle Creek. It would be a mistake to miss it.

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