Black Earth

Black Earth Demo

Dale Christie - vocals
Duane Conn - bass
Brian Tonne - drums
Craig Savage - guitar
Travis Crider - guitar

Black Earth is a dark metal Van Halen with a lead that reminds me of Alice fucking Cooper. Dale Christie should take that as a fucking compliment from MusicIncider. His vocal style varies, but he keeps the Cooper edge. His fucking voice is ass kicking. It beats the shit out of you. It makes you wonder what he is going to do next vocally. He is a fucking strong man. The drum performance reminds me of Lars Ulrich of Metallica. Brian Tonne's drums and Duane Conn's bass are like two perfectly entwined trees rooted together into one fucking power source. Savage and Crider on guitar remind me of Randy Rhoades and Ted Nugent with a little George Thorogood tossed in for good good measure. Those two guitars are like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a fantastic fucking mix.

I would lister to their music. I would buy their CD. A label has to pick them up soon before they get lost in the wind. If I were to pick anybody for them to open up for, it would be Alice Cooper. Let's see if Sharon Osbourne can pick them up, and how fast.

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