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Troy McLawhorn-guitar, vocals
Joshua Sattler-bass
Mike Froedge-drums
Donnie Hamby-vocals

In 1996, the hottest new ticket was Atlanta was MK Ultra. MK Ultra went EVERYWHERE and almost everyone you talked to in every shitty little bar in town could say that they had heard the name. That’s pretty fucking good when you think about how many baby bands are in this town. Did you every wonder what became of them? They became doubleDrive and you can find them on RoadRunner. I love them because they have worked really fucking hard and it paid off for them. This band is Atlanta. People in Atlanta work really fucking hard at everything and once in a while it pays off. Atlanta loves doubleDrive, I just don’t think the city has figured out they were once MK Ultra.
For those of you who don’t know what the hell I am talking about, if you love Nirvana you will love doubleDrive. If you love Bon Jovi, you will love doubleDrive. DoubleDrive plays metal FILLED with fucking emotion. Listen to them and you will hear how many times that fucking van broke down on the way to a gig while they traveled the southeast. Donnie Hamby’s voice tells the band’s story. You can hear every shit fucking job they all had over the years and how fucking grateful they all are to be doing what they love. Donnie has a metal voice that hangs with Corey Taylor, Jon Bon Jovi, and Sebastian Bach. By the way, he plays a fucking GREAT guitar too. Troy McLawhorn is a guitar player that reminds me of Richie Sambora and the great Joe Perry. Joshua Sattler’s bass will remind you of Craig Montoya of Everclear. Mike Froedge holds it all together with a drum style that reminds me of another favorite of mine-Joey Kramer. Let’s look at the songs on BLUE IN THE FACE.

11:59-This fucking minute is all you have. Live in the now. If you stand with one foot in yesterday, and one foot in tomorrow, you will piss all over today. One minute is a fucking lot of time, and when it passes it is GONE. Don’t waste your time looking at a fucking clock.
IMPRINT-Everything you do leaves a footprint. It proves you are in the world when you do shit. Taking that step out into the world is huge…you fucking commit yourself when you wake up and get out of bed in the morning. Get up. Man, Donnie knows your job fucking sucks and your boss is an asshole.

HOLLOWBODY-This is an angry fucking song about empty people who stab you in the back. You may be bleeding out and dying-but the bitch who stabbed you is the one who will never heal because there is nothing there to heal. You may be bleeding out, but at least you have fucking blood in your veins. When the pain goes away, you will either heal…or die.

MILLION PEOPLE-Money and fame isn’t everything. You can still feel like the only person in a room filled with people. Life sucks when love leaves. You live under a fucking cloud sometimes. Everybody does. Look at all the rock stars that have overdosed on fucking heroin like Janice Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix. Look at the most famous fucking tragedy of our time-Kurt Cobain.

I DON’T CARE-Who the fuck are you big man? I don’t give a fuck. You want a piece of me? I would have to care to kick your fucking ass. Why do you think a care? You are fucking nobody to me. You might as well be dead. Stop breathing my air. GO AWAY. Call somebody who cares. You are not worth the effort.

FRIEGHTRAIN-Life can be hard and fucking long. It makes you tired and it can beat the shit right out of you. This song is about everybody’s fucking struggle. There are always problems. There is always a stack of bills. People get sick. People die. Sometimes you need your fucking friends to hold you up when you get so low you look up at the curb.

TRACK NUMBER 7-Sometimes you get in so much shit you can’t see a way out. This is the junkie song. People get so hooked on smack and crack that they can’t ever get out unless they get slapped in the pen. This song is called TRACK Number 7, and it is the band telling you what’s gonna happen when you chase the dragon-if you don’t die first.
They end it on a happy note though-we’ll survive.

EVENOUT-This guy wants people to stop telling him what to do and how to make his life better. He knows they are all full of shit. The grass is greener-where? On the other side of the Cuckoo’s Nest after the lobotomy with the big fucker tossing the water fountain through the window? Wait-tossing the water fountain through the window is a great fucking idea. It gives balance when you toss the bullshit.

INSIDE OUT-This is the fucking junkie detox song. Can’t you feel your skin crawl. Sure, I am doing fucking fine. I am taking a look at myself, whatever you say. You sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me. This song is like anything off of Pretty Hate machine. It rides the edge between the dark and the light.

THE HAND-More people trying to tell this guy what to do-but now he knows what the fuck is up. Everybody always wants something from you. Everybody always wants to tell you what they think is best for you. If you see them for what they are, you see that they are giving you NOTHING. What do you get from the hand, an EMPTY platter.

BIG SHOVE-Every band needs a good love song. Love is fucking scary when it is real man. You are exposed for who and what you really are inside and it is amazing. It gives you strength and a refuge from the storm.

This cd is destined to become a classic. You are going to want it. Fifteen years from now, you will be looking for it online and trying to remember when you first heard of doubleDrive.

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