Seether Show Review

Seether Show Review on Cinco de Mayo, 2008 at the Masquerade Park


By Barbara Fara

President and CEO



We are going to start backwards. Leaving the Seether show, I walked past some fans leaving the venue and one of the fans said to me, "Eugene Morgan got what he deserved and the Seether show sucked". Shaun Morgan recently lost his brother Eugene to an accident, and as for what this kid said –well, karma comes back to you. Eugene was his brother and best friend and it is hard to lose someone that close to you. I think it was terrible to say that, you little shit – I hope one night that Eugene Morgan comes to you in your dreams and bashes your head in. If that kid had such a bad time at that show that night, why did he buy a ticket in the first place? I do believe it was an accident, not suicide. Nobody should be making remarks about someone's loss. Regardless, it is the Morgan's family business. How would that kid like someone to say that about someone he lost? Just like that reporter said about Dimebag when he died: that he was a no talent hack and he deserved what he got. Like I said it in the Editor's Letter after Dime passed; "Imagine this, Mr. Grims, you have two sons in a band, one is a drummer and one a guitar player. A man comes out of nowhere and shoots your son. Several members of Damageplan's crew at the Alarosa was hurt and killed as well. How would you feel if you were Dime's grieving dad and you read your review? As I said, I hope that never happens to your kid". And this was exactly the same. I don't care if Eugene was a musician or not; but he was a family member, he was a brother. And that little brat thought, oh, Eugene deserved what he got? Then why did he buy a ticket to the Seether show? What you spit up will come back down on you. The cd review we have done was dedicated to Eugene. I am even dedicated this SHOW to Eugene. On to the show. The show itself was spectacular. I love the fact that since the Tabernacle had to shut down due to the twister damage, the Masquerade kindly opened its outdoor park for this show. What really got me pissed off were the people handling the photographers for the event really should have let us walk around and take pictures of all the kids in the crowd but they would not allow it. What impressed me was a unique beautiful mesh white curtain in between the stage and the crowd. What you saw behind the curtain was a single white light hanging from the ceiling. A beautiful old fashioned hanging lamp just swinging silently back and forth, illuminating the stage from behind the curtain. Shaun's mike stand was really gorgeous with strung lights and dead baby heads. The whole time, there was no gust of wind, no fans on stage swinging it around – could it have been that Eugene was watching over them that night? The backdrop was beautiful with the classic Seether logo across it. You saw Shaun with his heart breaking on that stage - and he played the show of his life. This set list might not be in correct order but it went something like this – I know that Fake It was one of the first three songs along with Truth and The Gift. After we left the stage access area, here are the remaining songs from the set list:
No Jesus Christ
Rise Above This
Driven Under
Fine Again
Remedy Being the kind and caring motherfucker that I am, I was really, really concerned about Shaun's mental state because you could see the heartbreak in his eyes. Maybe the fans didn't see it, but I know that the photographers up front did. I especially noticed and my executive assistant also saw it. You could feel the emotional pain, not just emanating from him but the whole band. The pain was not evident just because he had bloodshot eyes and looked a little bloated – maybe he had just done an interview that upset him. People from Johannesburg seem to be emotional people anyway. I really want to say that the show started around 9-ish and my god, what a performance this man and his band and the spirit of his brother Eugene brought us. Why do I keep bringing up Eugene? Ask me. Those two boys grew up overseas in a very hard country and I don't know what their upbringing was like – but when you have two brothers that tight, it is going to affect you. I am not just saying this from my heart, but spiritually as well. He probably feels Eugene with him at all times and that is normal. I know Eugene is watching over him at all times. Shaun, if you get a chance to read this review, my thoughts and my heart go out to you for your loss from all of us at Musicincider. It is normal to keep his memory alive. I feel Eugene would not want you to give up your dream and what you are doing. Just remember, you are not just doing this for yourself but also for Eugene. Yes, I sound like a fucking psycho. But it is the truth. It is okay to mourn your brother as long as you need to, just the way Vinnie Paul is still mourning his brother Darryl and there is nothing wrong with that. It would be a wonderful thing to set up a tribute foundation in your brother's honor if you thought it was necessary. The lighting was perfect that night. You could not ask for a lovelier evening for the show. Everything was gorgeous and their performance was magnificent. One thing I do have to say is when you read the CD review, you will see I dedicated the song Fake It to Amy Lee. And that stays, because she deserves it. Whatever happened with Amy Lee and the band, you tried to help her out and all she did was knock you to the ground. And for the record, her ex-boyfriend (who was originally in Evanescence) wrote most of her hits. The show lasted until at least midnight, maybe a little longer, but I was not watching the time - I stopped wearing a watch years ago. Here I am watching this wonderful band coming out and the curtain falls to the ground and the kids are screaming and all you see is the masterpiece known as Seether. They put on one hell of a show. You can't compare their guitar playing and singing with anyone else out there today and that is a wonderful gift. I do have to admit one thing – I LOVE the unedited version of Fake It. When you look at the Seether history, there have been many lineup changes. The original members were of course Shaun Morgan on vocals and guitar and Dale Stewart on bass and now they have Troy McLawhorn (formerly of doubleDrive fame) on bass in his place – Shaun – how did you get Troy from doubleDrive?? Then on drums it gets a little more complicated: John Humphrey replaced Kevin Soffera who had replaced Nick Oshiro (now in Static-X) who replaced the original drummer David Cohoe. Each member of the band played in their own style and for some reason, you felt that they were feeling the same intensity and pain that Shaun was feeling. The bassist formerly of doubleDrive did one hell of a job. He complemented John Humphrey. When you look at Troy McLawhorn and Shaun, you just can't explain the chemistry. They are synched together perfectly and they are a magical combination. When you see them live, you will never want to miss any other show they perform. This was one of the best shows I've seen all year next to Type O Negative. For me to say that, man, you know they just kicked ass. My problem is that when we were called out of the pit, we were told that we could review the rest of the show but only from the corralled area on the side. I was pissed that we couldn't even bring our cameras back to our cars and see the rest of the show that way. Now, for all you kids wondering when they are coming back into town – a nice surprise – they will be coming back to Atlanta at the Lakewood Amphitheater on 10/19/08. This is your opportunity to see a band that doesn't sound like everyone else; actual music that comes from the heart and soul. They are coming in with two other bands, but this is all about Seether. If you are a true fan, you will join their street team, fan club and message board.


I want to thank Windup Records, their label, and their managers for giving us the greatest gift - to see this band live. Hint, Hint to the band, we’re going to be there next month. And remember Shaun and the rest of the band, Musicincider will always have your back. The end.

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