Chevelle: Wonder What’s Next

Chevelle: Wonder What’s Next
Label: Epic

Barbara Fara
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Chevelle is: Pete Loeffler (vocals, guitar). Joe Loeffler (bass, vocals). Sam Loeffler (drums).

From: suburban Illinois.
I would have liked to have been at the first barbecue the Loeffler boys played. I bet those hamburgers tasted really fucking good-because those boys turned into Chevelle, and Chevelle is not the same old tired shit that’s out there today. Listen to Chevelle and you can hear the influences of Tool, Helmet, Korn, and Led Zepplin. Chevelle’s second album, Wonder What’s Next, is HUGE, sexy, powerful and filled with fucking heart. I LOVE the kind of music that pours the souls of the musicians playing it out full force on the people listening to it. Chevelle plays that kind of music. -Pete Loeffler has that voice. That voice is the same kind of voice Robert Plant has. He has that sexy, powerful kind of voice that draws you in and wraps you around his ankles-tightly. He pounds that guitar like he is a baby Eddie Van Halen.

Pete is pretty fucking cool. –Joe Loeffler is a great vocalist. He could have easily been the front man, but Robert Plant’s clone was just a little faster on the draw. His bass playing could give the dead a heartbeat. –Sam Loeffler reminds me of Alex Van Halen, and it is not because Sam and Pete are brothers like Eddie and Alex. Sam is going to be a classic metal drummer that people will remember-just like Alex.
Let’s break down the tracks.

Track Listing:

1. Family System: This is the theme song for everybody in their twenties. It is a hard fucking thing to grow up. Everybody wants you just to magically make it fucking happen, and you just don’t have a clue about how to do it. Wrong.

2. Comfortable Liar: This song is a hardcore anthem. People lie because they are afraid of something. That something is the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, and that hurt make you uncomfortable. It is easier to fucking lie, but it doesn’t heal a fucking thing like the truth does. How do you heal? How do you become different from who you are deep down inside?

3. Send The Pain Below: This is the second single off the cd, and it has a hot hot hot video to go along with it. You will love this song, take my word on it. Let’s play a game- see the pretty shiny thing? It is swinging back and forth. Watch the pretty, shiny thing and repeat after me, I love this song.

4. Closure: This song is about coming to terms with the close of a relationship. Chevelle is showing us the way with this song. It is hard for everybody involved in a relationship when it ends. It is much fucking harder to get okay with it when it ends. How the fuck are you supposed to get okay with that?

5. The Red: This is going to be a Chevelle classic. This song is for the pierced, tattooed kid that can’t get a job because he looks different. This song is for the high school kid with the green hair and black eyeliner. This song is for everybody who wins the freak label. The red is the anger. People who won’t let you be yourself deserve to have their heads knocked in.

6. Wonder What’s Next: It sucks when you start out doing the things you want to do and shit heads downhill because of money and our good friend Joe the CEO. Rather than blame Joe, you point the finger at everybody else. Money gets tight, and big Joe makes you sign another contract. You have no choice but to sign and wonder what’s next.

7. Don’t Fake This: This is the daddy song to me. Sons watch their fathers bottle everything up inside and slowly rot away, and the sons learn to do the same thing. A Midwestern attitude is to keep a stiff upper lip and to shove it deep down inside. Loeffler is telling us to heal that attitude on top of strong music.
8. Forfeit: Sometimes, it takes a stronger man not to throw the first punch. It takes a strong man not to pick up a gun. It takes a strong man to turn and walk away. How strong are you? This is a great song with a message that people need to hear.

9. Grab Thy Hand: This is the metal answer to Just a Closer Walk With Thee, but our metal boy can’t get the big man to go for a walk with him. God isn’t listening. Fuck, God hasn’t listened in one thousand years. It is enough to make you want to start a war with heaven.

10. An Evening With El Diablo: Have you ever danced with the devil in the Pale Moonlight? Pete Loeffler has. This song could be about Pete going down to the crossroads making a deal with the devil and saying fuck no. I don’t want the sickness that you are going to bring down on my fucking soul. It was fun to play with you, and we may play again-but hey! I am not signing the fucking deal.

11. One Lonely Visitor: Oh fuck man, can you imagine what it would be like to find a Dear John letter on your pillow next to you when you wake up in the morning? That would be fucking obnoxiously bad. This song can make you feel every one of those feelings. This song will haunt you and make you cry. -What a bitch!

Wonder What’s Next is a fucking fantastic cd. I can see why Chevelle won a place on OZZFEST 2003’s main stage. They are huge, powerful, and deliver a strong message about their lives and the lives of everyone around them. Chevelle is strong. They don’t deliver the same message that others seem to. I think the cd is worth the money, and I can’t wait to see them on first stage at OZZFEST-this is a great pick Mrs. Osbourne!

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