Depswa-Two Angels And A Dream

Depswa-Two Angels And A Dream

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Jeremy Penick: lead vocals
Ryan Burchfield: bass, vocals
Gordon Heckaman: drums, samples
Dan Noonan: guitars, vocals
James Mills: guitars, vocals

Depswa means Ďdeep behind the mooní in Swahili. Depswa is also a South American term for tribal healer. Do you want to know what MusicIncider thinks Depswa really is? Depswa is a band from the city of angels with a raw whirlpool of emotions. Depswa is not a Chevelle, and I like Chevelle. They are no Staind. They are fresh. They are hard edged rock and roll. They remind of Alice In Chains, Slayer, and Soundgarden. Jeremy Penickís vocal style reminds of Chris Cornell when he was with Soundgarden. Penick could be Cornellís little brother. I could see the two of them on stage together. The band would be a great opener for Audioslave. I think Depswa would be a great opener for the Foo Fighters as well. Dan Noonan and James Mills play like heavy twin Joe Satrianiís. You can just feel the Satriani vibe in their playing. They are playing from the gut as well as the head.

Ryan Burchfieldís bass playing reminds me of Tom Araya from Slayer.
Not to mention that these three guys do a hell of a job backing Pennickís vocals. Gordon Heckamanís drum style reminds of Matt Cameron from Soundgarden with a touch of Mick Fleetwood. This album is about personal discovery. Every fucking song is different.THIS TIME- Everybody has relationship problems. Sometimes you want to hurt the person you are with for one reason or another and you arenít sure why. Maybe the person has hurt you. Speak up. Honesty is the best policy. NOT RESPONSIBLE- I donít know what you are going to do when I tell you that it is over baby. I donít want to see your emotions. I donít want to hear your pleas. You brought the plane ticket. You took the ride. When the plane crashes, it is not my fucking fault.NEEDLES- This is about a junkie looking for answers. Each time he pushes that needle in he gets a little more lost. There is no one to save him but himself. Nobody listens to his cries for help.

LET IT GO- Our hero in the song learned a lesson early in life. If you love something, let it go. If it was meant to be, it will come back. He holds on to this thought and prays that the love of his life that he let go comes back to him. Me personally, I just think she was a money hungry bitch.PROM SONG- This is a great song to propose to someone with. This is a great wedding song. I could see the bride and groom banging their head to this when they do their first dance as a married couple. In my opinion, this should be the first single released off of the album.TWO ANGELS AND A DREAM- Our hero in this song is straight out of Paradise Lost. He knows that the peace that he is searching for is somewhere between heaven and hell. When is fucking soul wakes up, he will be right where he needs to be.FROM THE INSIDE- Itís another love song. Love brings out the best and the worst in people. Love is like a roller coaster-it has its ups and downs. If you get on the right coaster-it will bring out the best in you.

Personally, I like the Dragon roller coaster at Play Land in Westchester County.VOYEUR- Keep your blinds shut girls. There are too many peepers out there getting off on you. Those peepers are just to shy to tell you how much they adore you. Peeping can happen lots of different ways-through a computer, or the cubicle next to you at workÖgive that shy person a chance. What do you have to lose? Those peepers might be hot in bed.CHARADES- It is time to grow up baby. The games have got to stop. You are just like me. Here are your options-give it a chance or say goodbye to me.SILHOUETTE- Our hero loses the love of his life. He is looking for what he had with her in other people. He is fucking angry-why did she have to go? I think he is tired of getting burned. He just wants something to hold on to.THE PATH- Our hero needs space and time to find himself in this song. Just because he needs space and time, it does not mean that he has stopped loving her. He wishes that things were not hard. He prays every night that she will wait and not replace him-he is just asking for time.WHERE IíVE BEGUN- Our hero in this song he stuck. He is trying to find a way out. He doesnít hurt anyone. I feel as though he is tired of being used-he wonders when the pain will stop and life will begin again. This time he will not trust anyone.TRAVELERíS SONG- This is a song about a person who was ridiculed and abused. Sometimes a mouth can hurt more than a punch and that mouth can leave a scar that lasts forever. Our hero in this song has finally found a way out. He keeps to himself so he doesnít get hurt.

This is a song for the American runaway. In twenty years, I can see this band in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I think they deserve a Grammy nomination for best new rock group. Depswa plays music from their hearts and souls. Their lyrics speak from their life experience. I canít wait to see them live. They are worth the price of a ticket. If you canít see them live, donít miss out on the cd.

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