Release Date: July 22nd, 2003
Label: Columbia/DV8

Barbara Fara
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Endo is: Gil Biton- vocals, Zelick-bass, Joe Eshkenazi-drums, Eli Parker-guitar.

Endo is from: Miami. Who the hell does Endo sound like if you have never heard of them?
They remind me of Live, Sublime, Stone Sour, and The Doors on a Moonlight Drive. This is a band with a sound that deserves to be on OZZFEST, and I am glad that they have made it there. Sharon made a great choice. Maybe they should be first stage on OZZFEST next year.

- Gil Biton-I love his voice. He makes me think of Morrissey on Ritalin. I think he has great pitch. I really feel like he will be a vocalist that will never be forgotten. As a writer, he is brilliant. I can understand the insomnia thing. I have the same fucking problem. He is a shiny star in a sea of shit. He expresses himself beautifully. I think he is adorable. Zelick makes me think of Rudy Starzo from Whitesnake on bass. He is the thunderbolt in the storm of Endo. You can tell by listening to him that he plays for the love of music and nothing else. Joe Eshkenazi- I am a big Doors fan. Joe makes me think of John Densmore of The Doors. He is the match to the candle. He just lights you up just the way Densmore does for me. Eli Parker on guitar could be Steve Vai’s bastard child-and that is not an insult honey. That is a fucking complement. I thought I heard Vai the minute I turned on the cd. That guitar drips out if his hands like honey. The members of the band go perfectly together-just like a McDonald’s Big and Tasty Extra Value Meal.Track Listing:

Clean Sheets (and a dirty mind)-No wonder he can’t get any sleep. He is in a fucked up relationship. He blames his sorrow on himself. He sits there with his clean sheets and wonders how his life gets so fucked up as he tries to sleep. The riffs and drums on this on this song are ass-kicking.

Simple Lies-This song appears on the Daredevil soundtrack album-what an honor to have a song on the soundtrack. –No more games, no more lies. This song makes me think of a relationship where two people are bullshitting each other to make it work. No more lies will make the hurt go away, and maybe we can have an honest relationship.

For You-I would do anything for you baby. This is a love song. It reminds me of Radiohead’s I’m A Creep. –I would tell the hero in this song no to sell his soul for anybody. It isn’t worth it.

Remember Us-The guy in this song is begging-why can’t you remember us the way I do? You must not carry the hurt that I do. I look at you and it kills me. When you see me, all I am is an empty wine glass. I will never forget the times we had together.
In Time Will Fall-This is a smart song. Our hero in this song is watching the world as everything is falling to pieces. He has taken the song and made it about a relationship between himself and the world.

Circles-Good god, when is he gonna get over her? Wake up. Look at the big picture. She is not gonna give you the answers you are waiting for buddy-no matter how hard you try to win her back. Baby, I don’t want to hurt your feelings. I have walked in your shoes. That person that you love just don’t give a shit

Madness-This is the manic depression song. Depression drives you fucking crazy man-when you take a peek into the looking glass and realize all your mistakes. Just through that fucking mirror out and start living for today. If people can’t accept you-fuck ‘em. They are not meant to be in your life

Enemy-You are a nasty bastard and you have hurt me. I have accepted your apologies over and over. I still love you, but I just can’t do it anymore. I can’t take the abuse. It doesn’t matter if you are yelling at me or beating on me, I just can’t take it anymore. If you really wanted me to stay, you would get the help you need.

Shame- Shame on you. You two timing slut bitch. Do you like making an ass out of me? I am out of this shit man. You have taken all that I am and ripped it apart. No more fucking mind games. Are you proud of yourself? You made me feel like a fucking loser. Thanks for the scars baby.

I Won’t Die-You think you got me? You think you ripped my heart out? You think you won? I am not going to die over you baby. I am finally realizing that YOU have caused all of my problems. Here is a message for you sweetheart-If I ever get to the point of suicide; you are going on that moonlight drive with me.

Ruckus-This is a song about a girl playing with his fucking head. Baby, one minute we are on and one minute we are off. She has his fucking head in a fucking twister man. She should just leave him the fuck alone. No wonder why he can’t sleep at night.
Slowly Turning-The intro to this song is beautiful. I think the chick in this song is stalking him. She doesn’t trust him. He can’t fix your fucking problems. He isn’t your ex. She is making him start to hate her. The love he had for her is going to shit.
Disintegration (B side)-This song will be released on July 22nd. I just can’t wait to hear it.

Simple Lies (Radio Edit)-This is due to hit the radio in July. The video will be released shortly after this song hits the airwaves. This cd is a metal symphony of emotions. This is a great album. It speaks for everyone. I suggest that you go get this cd. They are just going to kick ass at OZZFEST. I can’t wait to see them live.

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