Godsmack: Music Midtown X/Faceless

Godsmack: Music Midtown X/Faceless

Label: Republic/Universal

Barbara Fara
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Godsmack is:
Sully Erna, Vocals.Tony Rombola, Guitar and Vocals. Robbie Merrill, Bass and Vocals. Shannon Larkin, Drums.

From: Boston.
I have always loved Godsmack. Atlanta loves Godsmack. I saw Godsmack at the Music Midtown X in Atlanta. Sully’s big sister introduced the band and thanked 99X for being the first station in Georgia to play Godsmack on the air. I watched at least one hundred thousand people cram into the back parking lot of Sci-Trek in front of the 99X stage completely hypnotized by Godsmack. All of these people had been out in the rain and the heat all day. All of these people were standing on concrete. There was no place to sit or stand. -One couple was laying down though-yes, they were banging in public. In case you are looking for tips, the very public sex started as soon as Sully launched into your favorite and mine, Voodoo. –Personally, I was disappointed in Godsmack’s sound guy. It is important to check those levels all of the fucking time-especially at an outdoor festival with at least 100,000 people watching your band. Wake the FUCK up man! This was Godsmack. –The soundman who was asleep at the switch did not phase the crowd in the least. It was fucking Godsmack, and once Atlanta loves you it ALWAYS loves you if you get on stage and give it your all. -Sully Erna sang his fucking guts out. You can’t compare Sully to anyone except Sully. He has a VOICE. Most of the newer bands out there have a Slipknot growl for a front man. Anybody can howl and rap until their voice explodes into a whisper. Very few people can fucking sing, and sing well. -Robbie Merrill, I am going to compare your style to D.D. Verni of Overkill. D.D. is a fucking classic, and you are getting there both live and on the new Godsmack CD-Faceless. –Tony Rombola on guitar can bang out some really heavy riffs. I wish they would cut him loose a little more. Just listen to him. Those fingers could launch into a ten minute solo that would give Joe Perry a run for his money. –Shannon Larkin on drums is the new kid on the block. He was with Amen before joining Godsmack. All I can say is this, he was a good choice. Godsmack has not changed its style with a new drummer, and that was something that I was afraid of. Give him time, and he will have his own legion of fans. -Once you understand Godsmack, you will LOVE Godsmack. They are a deeply spiritual band. The show at MMX was in support of Godsmack’s new cd, Faceless.
-Faceless. God is faceless to most people isn’t he. Only crazy people and a few prophets have actually seen god. I guess that leaves the rest of us. Sometimes we lose our faith, and we don’t fucking believe that ANYTHING is good. That is what Faceless is about-a loss of faith and a search for answers. Sully Erna is Wiccan, but on Faceless he is a Voodoo priest to me. Godsmack is leading us on a search for faith-something that is fucking NEEDED as our country is off to another war, and the economy falls to shit. A lot of music today is politically relevant and just plain fucking angry. There certainly isn’t much that is spiritually relevant. Let’s search for god with Sully.

Track Listing:

1. Straight Out of Line: The hero isn’t going to answer to you in this song. He has no fucking reason to. You haven’t done a fucking thing for him. You took his credit cards and maxed them all out. You slept with his best friend. You wrapped his convertible around a tree. What is going to make him change? You have to admit, you were straight out of line.
2. Faceless: You betray the guy in this song, and you are dead to him. He doesn’t know you now, so why is he gonna give a fuck if you are miserable. This song is about letting go and moving on; he creates another day. On that new day, it isn’t going to matter. You are the creator of your own reality.

3. Changes: I can see this song oh so clearly. Joe the plumber comes home and catches his wife in bed with another man. Should Joe go get his gun and shoot his old lady down to the ground, or should Joe just walk away from such a fucking tragedy and put it behind him. –Joe loses his faith in his wife and in his Gods, but he walks away. This is a nonviolent angry song. We need more of them.

4. Make Me Believe: The hell that Godsmack is talking about in this song is a lack of faith and a lack of hope. I read a review by a really stupid fucker that commented about him not being able to believe Godsmack when they were singing about being in hell. –Did he listen to the song? I don’t care if you have a penthouse in Manhattan, something will shake your faith and hope eventually. Having nothing to believe in and nothing to hold on to is hell. Everyone needs to believe in SOMETHING. If you have no hope, you ARE fighting for your life. This is a deeply spiritual song.

5. I Stand Alone: More loss of faith. This song reminds me of someone who is stranded on a desert island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. After the first week, that person is going to come to the realization that there is no rescue party. That person is going to realize that he is fucking alone. How long could anyone remain sane under those circumstances? How long would it take you to stop praying for a miracle?

6. Realign: Another spiritual song. Sometimes you have to face the darkness in order to see the light, to realign and get right with the universe. You have to give up those illusions about everybody in the world being good. If you are a junkie, you have to put down the needle-you are fooling yourself if you think everything is going to be okay. If you are a drunk, back away from the bar, just don’t forget to pay your tab.

7. I Fucking Hate You: Everybody gets made at god, the Great Spirit, the universe-whatever you choose to fucking call it. On the first listen, you could say that this song was about a pissed off crazy man who forgets to take his lithium. You have to dig a little deeper. This song is about anger, yes. Anger at the universe that teaches you that every man is good and if you JUST believe the gods will take care of you.

8. Release the Demons: Resolution. Go inside and examine how your life got the way it is. Reflection. Be grateful for the trials that life has given you. Every shitty thing that has ever happened to you has made you who you are today. Letting go off all that nasty shit is the key to leading a better life. Who needs gods for that?

9. Dead and Broken: This is a direct conversation with the Catholic version of god to me. Just three years ago, I faithfully went to mass.
One day, the priest asked me what I did for a living and I told him I was a professional psychic. He told me that I was doing the devil’s work and that I was going straight to hell. –The Catholic version of god became dead and broken to me that day. I would rather be who I am than blessed by that priest who told me I was going to hell.

10. I Am: This song is Crowley all the way. Everything contains its opposite. I am the light and the dark. I am a lie and a truth. I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am an angel, and I am a devil. –Think about it. How would you know if you were happy if you have never been fucking sad? -If Crowley is good enough for Ozzy, he is certainly good enough for Godsmack.

11. The Awakening: A shaman chant, complete with drums. Can you see the sunrise when you listen to this one? Feel the wind blow, and let the sun shine on your face.

12. Serenity (Acoustic): Serenity is peace of mind. Serenity is one god that can protect you from picking up a gun, walking into your office, and blowing everyone away. Serenity will keep you from putting a needle in your arm. Serenity will keep you from sinking to the bottom of a bottle. Everybody needs serenity.

13. Up in here: The bonus track. This is a message from Godsmack to their fans. Guess what? They love you too.
Either you love Godsmack or you don’t. If you don’t, somebody must have stole your soul to sell down at the crossroads. Godsmack doesn’t preach about anything. To quote Morrison, “Let’s talk about the loss of God.” -YES, I want you to get Faceless. I want you to get it YESTERDAY. If you have a brain and a heart, Godsmack will never disappoint you. Let Sully lead you on a quest to find what God really is.

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