Korn: Untouchables

Korn: Untouchables
Label: Epic

Barbara Fara
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Korn is: Jonathan Davis (vocals). Fieldy (bass). James Shaffer (guitar). Brian Welch (guitar). David Silveria (drums).

I went to go see Korn at Madison Square Garden last year. It was an outrageous stage show. Fifty thousand people banged their heads along with Jonathan Davis. Untouchables won a grammy. Jonathan Davis redid the theme song from The Twilight Zone in a dark, fucking spooky sort of way. The new Korn cd is being written on the OZZFEST 2003 tour. Tipper Gore and the PMRC MUST hate them. So why not roll out a review of Untouchables-an angry album full of pain! This cd is darker than dark. It is about feelings that NOBODY ever talks about backed with blistering guitar riffs, thundering drums, and bass that makes your heart jump out of your throat. Letís go walking with the children of the Korn and take a look at the tracks.

Track Listing:

1. Here to Stay: Everybody has hurt to fucking much that they have wanted to die. The guy in this song bashes his face into a mirror and cuts his wrists. All you can do for the poor bastard in this song is pray for him. It really fucking sucks that he is that pissed off and in that much pain.

2. Make Believe: Hate kills people. This song makes you think about putting all of the people you hate and that have hurt you into a red hot oven and burning them up. When you spend your life being shit on by your loved ones, and people who think they are better than you-sometimes you just make them want to go away.

3. Blame: Never let somebody drive you off the deep end. It will make you fucking crazy. You will become a fucking mess and take a gun to work and blow people away. You may want to do that now, but all that will be waiting for you is a cold room in a hospital for the criminally insane.

4. Hollow Life: Sometimes you feel like jumping off a roof on July 4th. You may think that God will catch you, but it is pretty fucking unlikely.

You make think you can fly, but thatís pretty fucking unlikely too. Chances are, you are going to die a slow, agonizing death in an ER with your girlfriend and your best friend having nervous breakdowns and crying their guts out.5. Bottled Up Inside: I fucking hate you. This song is about just that. The bleeding, anger, and pain poors off of this song. It is a far better thing to scream the pain along with Jonathan Davis than it is to go postal. Feeling shitty about an evil boyfriend or girlfriend? Give it a try.

6. Thoughtless: This is a fantasy that every person who has ever been wounded to the soul can get into. I could see a woman that has been abused pointing a gun in the face of her abuser. I can see a child that has been molested doing the same thing.

7. Hating: When you are alone, abused, and made fun of-you hate and bottle it up deep inside. All of your other outlets get shut down-because people who think they are more than you smack them the fuck down. So you hate, it is better than feeling nothing. Because you hate, it means you are fucking alive.

8. One More Time: All that hate inside makes you fall into darkness. There isnít any other way. You learn to hate the sun, because it is a phony fucking illusion. Your truth becomes the darkness, and it becomes all that you know.

9. Alone I Break: You live alone and you die alone. This song is about another poor bastard thinking that dying will make the pain go away and that dying will make him a man. Why wonít anybody help him? It is a fucking tragedy.

10. Embrace: Hey, why not take someone with you when you go? Who really wants to die alone anyway? We can hold hands and jump off of the roof. We can overdose on heroin just like Jimmy and Janice.
It is a way out of the pain.

11. Beat It Upright : People who were abused as children get into BDSM so that they can feel ALIVE. So that they can feel something. So that they can feel anything. Sometimes, you have to do whatever it takes to make it through the night and stay alive.

12. Wake Up Hate: Hate may be a fucked up reason to live, but it is a reason. Break something. Smash something, anything. -Anger is more helpful than despair (Terminator 3).

13. I'm Hiding: Sometimes, you take all that pain that you feel inside and hide it. It hurts so fucking bad, but why show anybody? They arenít going to do anything anyway. It is better to hide and hold on.

14. No One's There: I canít feel a thing. No one is there anyway. What does it matter, because we are at the bottom of the heap. We are little fucking nobodies, unable to fly in a sea of kings. No one will touch us, because we are the bottom.

When you donít talk about feeling like this, they become a toxic poison. Korn has the balls to scream it to the masses. Get a shink, get some good drugs, and scream along with Jonathan Davis. Go see them at OZZFEST 2003. It is the best therapy going for massive depression.

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