Marilyn Manson-The Golden Age of Grotesque

Marilyn Manson-The Golden Age of Grotesque
Barbara Fara
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Herr Doktor’ Marilyn Manson: vocals, burning piano, synthetic bass, mellotron, saxophone, and general mutilation.
‘The Lead Guitarist Demagogue’ John 5: Rhythm, Lead, and dissonance.
‘Chief Chemist’ M.W. Gacy: keyboards, synthesizers, and philosopher of electronics.

Starring Tim Skold as: THE BASSIST, accordion, keyboards, synth bass, electronics, and the SHAPER of much.
‘Primal Meter Interpreter’ Ginger Fish: THE LIVE DRUMMER, and the leader of all rhythm divisions of marching and big band korps. Manson’s balls have grown back on The Golden Age of Grotesque. Who should we thank- God, the Devil, or absinthe? He has not done an album this beautifully fucked up since Antichrist Superstar. Manson, on this cd, has become the werewolf with the bloody, dripping mouth howling at the full moon-and he is beautiful. He is sensual. He is sexual. His voice is pure lust on The Golden Age of Grotesque-it just rips your heart out. If you splice Edgar Allan Poe’s DNA with Jim Morrison’s-you’ve got Manson. Just call him Herr Doktor. Tim Skold is outrageous on bass. He was just what the Doktor ordered to give the Manson sound a kick in the ass. John 5’s riffs on the cd remind me of Angus Young. He drills that guitar like a dentist doing a fucking root canal with no anesthesia. Need a dentist? The Doktor knows one. Ginger Fish on the drums is the throbbing on the album. He makes you want to have another injection of Manson’s vocals. The ‘Chief Chemist’ M.W. Gacy stitches it all together with keyboards that hit your ears like a shot of Jagermeister. Manson is the ultimate performance artist. Each song is a scene.Thaeter- This is dawn of Golden Age of Grotesque. Can you see the sun rising wrapped in smog with a bloody halo?

This Is The New Shit- The werewolf howls at the music and the music industry. It is all the same old shit and nothing ever changes. Stand up and admit it fuckers-this is what you want.
mOBSCENE- The only thing that beats sex is an AK47. Wasn’t the war in Iraq a great mobscene? Bang Bang Bang-This country got off on it. We raised our flag high. Hey, we want it. How about North Korea or Liberia?
Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Zigety-Zag- This is the goosestep song. The swing beat makes you think of the forties. Let’s all join the army and lift those legs high and keep the goosestep going! Let’s all follow Herr Doktor the wolf. Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth- Finally, a song for the freak that assigns a collar! The blue collars, the white collars-and the black collars. The black collar working class uses its fists and hates. This is just a slamming punk song all around.

The Golden Age of Grotesque- Gross is beautiful. Gross is good. This is the dawn of the new age. We have to be the millionth generation of the pretty monkeys and we might be pretty-but everything sucks. We are going to bring you down little monkey-Reich is a dirty word.(s)AINT- You made me, and here I am. I am evil and beautiful and now I am too perfect for you. Hold the s in saint, because now I am just a package-but I am a package that is too good for you. –This is an anti pre packaged machine song. Fuck MTV, and pop radio-because they have created Herr Doktor werewolf.Ka-boom Ka-Boom- I love that line in this song- Don’t Say No, Just Say Now. Somebody else is bored shitless with ‘Just Say No.’ Herr Doktor werewolf takes over the Mickey Mouse club in this song and it smells like children. Marilyn and the Spooky Kids-remember them? Wouldn’t that be a great Saturday morning TV show? The Ka-boom line is a great hook-and he tells you he is fucking hooking you in the song.

Slutgarden- This is the wolf’s prowling song. The wolf is telling you the truth under the full moon. It is all about him. Put this song on the next time you break up with somebody and sing along with Manson. It would be great therapy.(The Ace of Spades)- The title of this song is the symbol for the ace of spades. Death. This song is about the death of love. Some bad relationship has put the werewolf in a heartless dead state-but he still pumps through her veins, but now like a sickness or a poison. This is another therapeutic break up song. Just sing along with the Doktor.Para-Noir- More break up music. When somebody breaks your heart, they always think you want to know what is wrong with you. Who says you really need to know?

I agree with Manson. I don’t need a reason to hate you the way I do.The Bright Young Things- This little scene is Manson’s answer to Rebel Without A Cause. We don’t have a reason to be rebels-it is just who we are. Manson doesn’t have to be a rebel freak to sell tunes, it is just who he is. Do you know who you are?Better Of Two Evils- The hero in this song is going to do what he needs to do and he knows who he is, what he wants, and what it takes to get there. Wouldn’t this be a great theme song for a stock broker training school?Vodevil- Bang. Pump your fist in the air. Be angry. If somebody fucks with you, you will explode. Have sex in the bathroom at a concert. Fuck a line of people. Be the fuck monster. –You may never do it, but you know you have felt that intense in your life haven’t you?Obsequey (The Death of Art)- Everything dies. The end of the album is the death of your listening experience. Art, new art, original art, beautiful art-died a long time ago. The album liner is well done. The lyrics are a bitch to read-you have to work for it if you want it. The cd is massive, sensual, and tells a story. It is political. It is thrilling. It is angry. You get the chance to step outside of your everyday life and take a trip with the original spooky kid- Marilyn Manson. Yes, buy the cd. Stretch your imagination and listen. You won’t have to wait for Marilyn to act it out for you on a DVD. You won’t have to wait for Marilyn to bleed his guts out on stage.
All you have to do is push play.

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