NothingFace: Skeletons

NothingFace: Skeletons
Label: TVT

Barbara Fara
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NothingFace is: Matthew Holt, Vocals. Tommy Sickles, Drums. Tom Maxwell, Guitars. Bill Gaal, Bass, Keyboards.
Base: Washington D.C. Legion of Fans Known As: The Sick.

I was driving around Little Five Points in Atlanta, Georgia and saw fourteen NothingFace stickers on twenty cars. That alone tells me NothingFace is a band to watch. When I found out they were on OZZFEST, I got a hold of TVT and they sent me a press kit. Skeletons was in that press kit. Skeletons has blown me away. Everybody has Skeletons in the closet-you know, shit they donít want to talk about. NothingFace drags our countries Skeletons out of the closet, dusts them off, and walks them around for everybody to look at. The truth is finally out there isnít it? Skeletons is a political cd and it has lyrics and riffs that will haunt your dreams. It is an intelligent and poetic cd. The music on it is brilliant. They go from the deepest hardcore metal to the prettiest rock and roll. ĖMatt Holt is a singer/songwriter is the tradition of Jim Morrison. This boy is a poet first, and then a singer. He wants you to wake the fuck up on Skeletons. He is a power vocalist-just like Morrison. ĖTommy Sickles on drums cannot be ignored. He does not blend in to the background like other hardcore drummers. His style reminds me, weirdly enough, of Mick Fleetwood.

-Tom Maxwell on guitars plays power riffs like he invented them. I would compare his style to Zakk Wylde. It is large and powerful. It grabs you by your fucking throat in the middle of the night and says listen to me. ĖBill Gall plays bass and keyboards for NothingFace. I am not going to compare him to anyone. His bass and keyboards provide backdrops for the lyrics that will make you peek out from behind the shower curtain and wonder who is watching you. ĖLetís break down the lyrics.1. Machination: I love the line, Read "Catcher In The Rye"
One hundred and ten fucking times in this song. If you donít remember, Catcher In The Rye was the book from that movie Conspiracy Theory. They found a copy of that book in John Hinkley Jrís pocket after he shot Reagan. In that movie, Mel Gibsonís character was a remote control assassin. Who is to say it isnít really the truth. They say all fiction has some basis in fact. The phone could ring, and you could find yourself with a gun in your hand in front of a dead President.

2. Beneath: This song could be about the Pope. This song could be about the President. To me, this song is about anybody that shoves their ideals down the throats of other people. Shoving ideas down peopleís throats kills their fucking souls and makes them rot from the inside out. Shoving ideas down peopleís throats makes you no better than Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein.

3. Murder Is Masturbation: Murder will get you off, but you are the only one who is going to orgasm over it. Sometimes, all you can think about is jerking off. Sometimes, all you can think about is killing some motherfucker. You can either kill the motherfucker or say what is on your fucking mind. Your choice. I would have to say thins is an anti-murder song first class.

4. Ether: This is a fucking brave song. It takes real balls to come out and sing the truth about George W. and what he is doing in the Middle East. Did we go to free Iraq, or did we go to tell them what we think freedom is? There have been no weapons of mass destruction found. Nobody has found Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden. Fuck, while we are there we should tell them what kind of government they should have. Uncle George knows what is best. While we are there, letís tell all those Arabic states how they should be. Why the fuck not.

5. I Wish I Was A Communist: It is all lies. This song screams ideals like a Doors tune. It is pure fucking politically charged poetry. The media lies to you. The government lies to you. The church lies to you. They are all demons that should be exorcised, then maybe we would be okay.

6. In Avernus: Hate kills people. Hate is the reason that you are going to die. Everybody is going to die hard. A bomb may kill you. A gun may kill you. Those fucking people that would kill you are watching your every step. ĖThose planes crashed into the World Trade Center because of hate, it was painted in the sky.

7. Patricide: This is a song about rage that gets turned inside. The guy in this song cuts his fucking wrists because he feels alone and pissed off. The guy in this song thinks he is a fucking alien, and he is killing the wrong person. Instead of cutting his wrists, he should go bust that priest in the face.

8. Here Come The Butchers: Finally someone has come out with a song about Catholic churches and Catholic priests. There are some fucked up priests out there that have raped little children and destroyed their lives. Can there be anything more evil than that? Who is really the fucking devil?

9. I Am Him: Blind faith in anything will get you killed. If you surrender your will, you die. Holt urges you to fucking think for yourself in this song. He isnít saying God is dead, but religion will kill your soul and make you a fucking slave. Would you rather be free, or be a fucking slave all of your miserable life? Go ahead, get on your knees and say forgive me father for I have sinned.

10. Scission: The hero in this song is face down and lost in the maze of his own mind. He canít figure out how to get up off the fucking floor, but he knows he has to. His life has put him face down on the floor and it seems perfectly fucking natural. The vultures are circling and ready to move in.

11. Big Fun At The Gallows: This is a heavy fucking song. The line about sucking corporate dick speaks directly to the music industry. Donít ever try to change Nothingface and tell them what to sing about or what to say. ĖThis song also speaks about not ever having to have a concrete reason to start a holocaust. Letís tear shit up.

12. Incarnadine: Be pissed off. You have every reason to be, and you may never understand completely why. Be selfish and alone. Donít enjoy the public execution of anybody. Other people are going to fucking love it because they have been told to. ĖFuck, Vicodin is a good drug.

13. All Cut Up: This is another poem in the style of Morrison. I am beginning to think Jim Morrison is one of the grandfathers of metal music. Fuck the church. Fuck the government. They bring disease and death. ĖThis song ends the album perfectly, because it ties up all the loose ends and gives up what the band is trying to say in a nutshell. Just point that rage in the right direction.

The cover art on Skeletons is beautiful. The songs are smart and strong. You want this cd in your collection because it is not the same old shit about how miserable your life is and how you should contemplate your fingertips. It doesnít talk about the bitch that has ruined your life. It talks about society and how fucked up it is becoming. NothingFace has used this cd as a way to bring shit to your attention. Things are getting downright sick and somebody has to fucking talk about it or more people are going to die in fucked up ways. Somebody has to talk about it or there are going to be more fucking wars.

NothingFace is gracing the second stage at OZZFEST this year. I am really looking forward to seeing them live and watching how the crowd reacts to them. NothingFace uses music as a weapon for change and truth. That is why they are in my magazine.

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