Powerman 5000-transform

Powerman 5000-transform

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Spider One-vocals
Adrian Ost-drums
Adam Williams-guitar
Mike Tempesta-guitar
Siggy Sjursen-Bass

This is what turns me on about Powerman 5000: they never give up. They are fucking hot. They are great fucking performers. The cd sounds like a live Powerman 5000 performance. The energy off the cd is forceful. Spider reminds me of Billy Idol, and it is not just the hair. It is his voice. His voice is electrifying. He is so fucking political and anti corporate. He lets you know it. Spider has rock star good looks. I am telling you that boy is fucking hot. He lit up Earthlink live like an atom bomb. ĖAdrian Ost is a drum machine, doesnít he ever get a little tired? ĖAdam Williams and Mike Tempestra are an old school guitar section like Motley Crue, Pantera, and Metallica. ĖSiggy Sjursen on bass reminds people that they have blood that pumps through their veins. PM5K is a fantastic band. Their music hits me like jackhammers in the middle of a classical music concert, beautiful and hard

Here is what I think about the tracks:
ASSESS THE MESS: A spooky little intro. It is just enough to get you amped up for the next song.
THEME TO A FAKE REVOLUTION: Raise your fist in the air. Goosestep. Jump around. Grab your fucking gun baby! You have a reason to do it, maybe. Who fucking cares? If you never were a part of anything make your own thing and grab the train. It is cheaper than a fucking shrink

FREE: The chorus of this song fucking rocks. I love it-it just screams frustration-If you canít be who and what you want to be, then you arenít really free are you? People will take everything that you are and everything that you want to be and steal it. Get over it and start jumping. Find out who you are and what the fuck you want.

ACTION: The first lyric in this song is the sky is falling. That kind of shit just reaches up and grabs you by the fucking throat and makes you wonder if the mighty Spider One is superhero enough to make it stop, but just for a minute. Find your own fucking truth.

THATíS ENTERTAINMENT: My favorite lines from this songÖLook at all the pop stars thinking there in charge. Letís see whoís the biggest whore. Come on shake your asses all made for the masses. You write the songs and Iíll lip-sync them on tour.
I want real music too. Shit that isnít lip-synced. This rocking little song is a commentary on what our music is becoming. Wake the fuck up!

A IS FOR APATHY: This song tells us about where we are going, and we just donít fucking care. Why the fuck should we get up in the morning and try? It is just to fucking hard to be a participant in life and we just donít care, and we donít know why-then we die.

TRANSFORM: Doesnít everybody want to know why they are here? Everybody is supposed to be special, huh? Who cares? The only thing you can count on in this life that everything changes and everything stays the same. Donít even try to fucking figure it out. Just scream.

TOP OF THE WORLD: This is the song for the little twenty year old punk kid with the ring through his nose. Nobody is any better than you boy. Not me, and not Spider One. By the way-you arenít better than anybody else either.

SONG ABOUT NUTHINí: The lyrics are a fucking tease with this one. The song tells us not to look for the meaning of the song, but hey it also says the world moves and it donít ask why. Sometimes songs arenít meant to be picked apart, and sometimes shit that happens isnít meant to be picked apart. So, I am not picking it the fuck apart.

STEREOTYPE: Donít sell your soul to Joe. You stupid fucker, you are just going to be trading one cage for another. You pick your reality. Make up your mind, because you are the one who sold your evil tortured rebel soul for a pile of beans.

I KNEW IT: Conformity is the enemy. If you dress and act like everybody else you might as well be dead. Those people that you thought were your friends are going to be the first people to point the fucking finger when shit goes bad. Donít ever give up.

HEY, THATíS RIGHT: Morrison was The Lizard King, and Spider One is the King of the Air. I would vote for him to be King. I want to be his campaign manager. I would love to hear some PM5K on the fucking radio, but who is gonna give it to me?

THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME: So, donít be afraid of the future-it doesnít include you. This song is a fucking beautifully angry punk anthem. The rise and fall of the energy level on this track is out fucking rageous.
Buy this cd. Buy this cd for you, not because I say so. It is about you. It isnít larger than life, it is life. It screams frustration and anger.
I personally love PM5K, because it hits me in the gut. I loved seeing PM5K live because they blew me out of the fucking water. You will love them too.

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