Rusty Cooley

Rusty Cooley
Label: Lion Music

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

When you meet Rusty in person, you meet a gentle soul with a big heart. On the outside, he seems like an ordinary average guy. He does the fucking family thing. He takes a pretty picture. He is a great interview. –When you turn on his fucking album man, you wonder if the crossroads are in Texas. Watch your ass Vai, here comes Rusty. Why haven’t you signed him yet?

You had him at this years Jemfest. –I could see Rusty and Vai dueling it out on stage and Vai having to hand over the Southern division of hell bound guitar players to Rusty. You should get him on your side Steve. He is so fucking electrifying. Rusty’s guitar just stimulates all of the nerves in your body. -Rusty’s playing is like classical music turned into metal. Wait until you hear this cd-there is a surprise on each track. It is really just beautiful. Rusty Cooley was born to play guitar. When you listen to him play, you can feel those fingers flying a mile a minute. He always knows what is going to come next, without hesitation. His musical composition is poetic. –Maybe Ian Astbury should sing for Rusty Cooley instead of the 21st Century Doors. Ian could be himself again with Rusty. I really believe they would work splendidly together. (Take the hint Ian.) -Rusty is like a human pyro. He is like a reincarnation of all the greats-living and dead. *Note for Queen Scorpio-Catch Rusty before anybody else does.

* My question is this: Why hasn’t anybody signed him?

My GOD, he makes me want to start my own label. I would do it if I had the money. Somebody out there needs to snatch him up. He is no little puppy guitar player. He is a big bad fucking wolf in sheep’s clothing. Any professional guitar player out there will know what I am talking about-from Joe Perry to CC DeVille to DD Verni. The one I expect to know about it is Vai. Rusty Cooley puts his mind, body, and soul into his playing. Rusty Cooley is a fucking Mozart on guitar. -Bobby Williamson on keyboards and Bret Marches on bass are fantastic, but this cd is the Rusty Cooley show. –Rusty, take my advice, get some airplay on Jeff Pilson will fucking love you
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