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Let’s Get A Contact High: An EP Review

Barbara Fara
Music InCider Magazine

New York City’s newest band is Contact High. Contact High consists of vocalist TC and songwriter Anthony Recchia. TC’ voice sounds like many people that have come before him. I am reminded of Live’s lead singer, a softer Eddie Vedder, and a New York Bruce Springsteen combined. Contact High’s music is a sampler platter of classic rock, metal, and modern rock. It has a great fucking beat with a kick ass touch of the blues. Their music is alive. Why isn’t the Springsteen camp getting a hold of these guys to open for the boss?
The EP has four tracks. The first track is called GET. GET is going to be Contact High’s signature song, much like Thunder Road is Bruce Springsteen’s. It is fucking intense and deep. The hero in the song says, ‘Look at me Baby. Things are tough but I am going to keep going. Come if you want to, but I am going.’ Not A Moment To Soon is an updated Born to Run. It is a great kick in the ass. It twists your fucking soul. She Takes Me is the lovers side of Jungle Land. It is about a lover that has passed away. The song proves that love is the only thing that survives. It survives even death. Kurt’s Song is Contact High speaking up for Cobain. Everyone knew his name, and they abused it. We can thank the major corporations for killing a brilliant artist.

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