Shadows Fall: The Art of Balance

Shadows Fall: The Art of Balance

Barbara Fara
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Shadows Fall is: Brian Fair (vocals). Jonathan Donais (guitar/vocals). Matthew Bachand (guitar/vocals). Paul Romanko (bass). Jason Bittner (drums).

From: New England.

“We really tried to mix it up and have different types of tracks going on throughout the whole record. The tracks are not the same and that is the number one noticeable thing about it.” –Matthew Bachand on The Art of Balance in his MusicIncider Magazine interview.
Shadows Fall is on OZZFEST this year. Shadows Fall will perform dates with Cradle of Filth, Killswitch Engage, and Sworn Enemy when they aren’t with Ozzy. They have been invited to join the Download Festival with Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson, Hatebreed, and Arch Enemy-so they must kick ass. Enough said. Or is it? Just because a band gets invited to all that cool shit doesn’t mean that they kick ass and take names. The question is: What does MusicIncider think of Shadows Fall? The answer is: Yes, they kick ass and take names. Shadows Fall has toured nonstop since the band started and it really shows in the band’s third cd, The Art of Balance. Brian Fair can howl like Freddy Kreuger screaming at Jason. His voice will make you wake the fuck up. You will want to try so fucking hard to scream with him. Jonathan Donais can play thrash riffs that will make your momma scream for you to turn down the music while backing Fair the whole time. Matthew Bachand backs Fair’s lead vocals like he is going to war while playing a rhythm guitar that ties the band entirely together-and I must agree with him about this-like James Hetfield of Metallica. Paul Romanko bangs on that bass like my friend Jeff Pilson, and I love EVERYBODY that can play like Jeff Pilson. Jason Bittner on drums is the heartbeat of Shadows Fall. Jason on drums reminds me of Manson’s Ginger Fish. The rhythm section of Shadows Fall is out- fucking-rageous. If you love Napalm Death, you will love Shadows Fall. If you love Slipknot, you will love Shadows Fall. They are not a Napalm Death or a Slipknot though…there is a unique sound that blends elements of classic rock with thrash and traditional metal. You will find that Shadows Fall is different from the rest of the shit out there. Let’s break down the tracks:

Track Listing:

Idle Hands: Idle hands are the devil’s work. What the fuck was that ever supposed to mean anyway? This song explains that. This song is a cry of RAGE and FRUSTRATION looking for an outlet. Instead of finding an outlet, listen to the cell door slam.

Thoughts Without Words: Let’s get out of fucking jail with this song man, how? Balance the body and the mind. Control yourself and find some discipline or all you are going to find is the fucking looney bin. Bang your head to this one.

Destroyer of Senses: -The video for this single has been added to MTV2’s Extreme Rock and Much Music’s Uranium. Watch for it.- This is another high fucking energy cut on The Art of Balance. The lyrics actually invoke ‘The Destroyer of Senses.’ Is there such a deity out there? If so, would being senseless and sedated be a bad thing?-I have to go get a beer.

Casting Shade: Listen to the sun go down with this guitar intro for Stepping Outside the Circle. It shows that Shadows Fall has several musical influences. I think I hear a little Steve Vai in this acoustic song.

Stepping Outside The Circle: Slam into your neighbor at the show with this fucking song. Slam him hard and let all of that shit you have welled up inside out. Step outside the circle and break free for all of the bullshit.

The Art of Balance: Apathy is a game that will kill you from the inside out. In this world today, survival might be your only goal. Fuck yes, survive. Give up your illusions about the world as you think it should be and survive.

Mystery of One Spirit: This is the anti-organized religion song. The church is a controller. You have the light within you. You already know everything you need to know. You are the creator of your fucking life, so live it.

The Idiot Box: This is the anti-television song. This song tells you to back away from the fucking boob tube man. They call TV an idiot box for a reason. How big of an idiot are you?

Prelude to Disaster: The haunting raindrops on this instrumental make me think of a mellow Riders on the Storm. The riffs on this song are classic eighties metal, backed sweetly by acoustic.

A Fire In Babylon: What was it like when ancient Babylon burned to the ground? Who knows, but it is interesting to think about isn’t it? We have created Babylon in our time, and what will it be like if we burn to the ground and get holy?-Who fucking knows?

Welcome To The Machine: This, of course, is the Pink Floyd cover on the cd. I fucking love the fact that this cd ends with a cover of one of my all time favorite bands. Musically, this song becomes a Shadows Fall standard with Pink Floyd in the background. I am very excited about seeing Shadows Fall live at OZZFEST 2003. I feel like Sharon Osbourne made a GREAT choice with this band on second stage. They have deep lyrics and a tight sound. I look for great things to rise out of Shadows Fall.

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