SkidRow- ThickSkin

SkidRow- ThickSkin

Barbara Fara
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Johnny Solinger-Vocals; Rachel Bolan- Bass- Backup Vocals; Phil Varone-Drums- Backup-Vocals; Scottie Hill-Guitar-Backup Vocals;
Dave ĎSnakeí Sabo-Guitar-Backup-Vocals.

Have you ever seen a Texas Horned Lizard?

That is where the term Horny Toad comes from. It is a big, ugly, toady looking fucker. My fucking brother Charlie again-we all know about Charlie and his WEIRD fucking fetishes by now, donít we? When I was a kid, Charlie had a Texas horned toad in a tank, nice gravelÖreal pretty. Charlie never took care of his Texas horned toad, and you think he would have. By the age of seven he knew there were 5000 types of roaches, and we donít mean pot. But back to the Texas toad, Charlie wanted a lizard and a snake. In the beginning, Charlie took care of that Texas lizard-and you have to remember Charlie was about ten at the time. The guy at the pet shop told him the lizard was a meat-eater. After six weeks of spitting blood through his tank at Charlie, I found I couldnít disagree with the toad. If I could, I would spit blood at Charlie too. ĖMy mother who is a registered RN, who I also adore, put her paramedic skills to work and took over. She did research on that Horned Toad and found out he was a vegetarian. She also found out that when he was pissed at somebody, he would spit blood. ĖThat toad lasted for about six months before he died, Charlieís snake got him. Isnít it funny how life repeats itself over and over again? Snake Sabo went out and got himself a Texas Horned Toad-and this one IS a meat eater. When Johnny Solinger sings, he spits blood and fire. As we all know, every Horned Toad has a THICKSKIN. ĖI think the new Skid Row cd fucking rocks. The power behind the music fucking grabs you, not to mention that I think Johnny Solinger looks hot in those leather pants. He looks as good as fucking Morrison did in his leathers. The members of Skid Row are like the points of a giant fucking pentagram, and they all connect on ThickSkin. -ThickSkin isnít a compilation cd-like the stuff Aerosmith has put out for the last five years. It is new. ThickSkin is something that you just want to keep playing over and over. The way Skid Row sounds on the cd is the way they sound live. Skid Row doesnít need golden circle seats and high priced tickets to prove that they are real fucking musicians. ĖLetís talk about the fucking drummer, Phil Varone. Phil is a master-he just CLICK CLICK BOOM BOOMS. I have never caught him making a fucking mistake. He knows exactly what he is doing on that kit. He is so talented that he reminds me of a modern day Buddy Rich. He makes those drums sing. You can just feel him pulsating and driving himself into that kit. Phil is on another level of the universe, while he is still on this plane. ĖLetís go with Rachel Bolan on bass. He is like Sid Vicious without the heroin. He is a sneaky little mother fucker. He knows how to get your heart going on this cd from beginning to end. Rachel and Phil are great together-they are like Batman and Robin. Bolan is Batman and Varone is Robin. They are one hell of a combination. ĖDid you know that Scottie Hill has GREAT dimples? Forget about his guitar playing a minute, his dimples shoot lighting bolts when he smiles. He tries so hard to give a devilish grin, be he has got this baby face. He tries so hard to be a bad ass, but he is more like a little kid on his birthday when he is on stage. Mr. Dimples innocence goes straight to hell once he starts playing. When you hear Scottie play, you think of Wolverine going after Magneto. He just rips right into that guitar like he is ripping your heart out of your chest. ĖSnake. What can we say about Snake? He is so cuddly. He is so charming. He is the Prince Valiant of guitar players, and I will bet he calls his guitar Guinevere. The two of them together just kick ass. He doesnít miss a note-EVER. He is a PURE metal guitar player. He deserves some fucking respect as a guitar player. He has paid his dues, and somebody should be kissing his ass now. ĖWe are going to do something different this time around. Skid Row deserves a reading. I read differently than most readers-I tell it as I fucking see it. It doesnít matter about the book definition of the cards-there is no reason to spook the band; I have my own definitions that come to me psychically. The reading is going to be on the band and the vibes off of the songs on the cd. Time to play Tarot poker, and I am the dealer. Take it with a grain of salt if you will, but this is what I see.

The deck we are using tonight is the Vertigo deck, and as they say on Dragnet-the cards are innocent until proven guilty. Even before I pulled the cards, I knew these boys were on a journey. Not on a journey to become the next Zepplin or The Doors, or even Nirvana-though they have the talent of all three bands. I knew they were on a journey to find themselves, and not as musicians but as people. The members of Skid Row want people to accept them for who they are. ĖYou can hear that in New Generation, and you can see that in the layout of the cards, the first position. The cards indicate that the band has had such a hard past from beginning to now. They are on a different kind of journey. They arenít trying to be the old Skid Row, and people should not compare them to the past but view them in the present. Lead singer, people you have to remember thisÖthis is coming clairvoyantly as well as through the cards. Everybody expects to see Bach-and this is nothing against BachÖBack knew it was his time to move on. We have to give the new prince a chance. Donít expect to see the same thing. Expect a vibrant soul who cannot fill Bachís shoes, but will only fill his own shoes. You canít chose a book by itís cover. You have to read it. He has a love for his music, for his talent-for both singing and writing and performance. Five of wands-is the album going to be a hit or not? The band wonders about it every day. They are going to be a hit. Def Leppard wants them, and everybody thought Def Leppard would never come back. Def Leppard came back from the grave. Now Skid Row has. Ace of swords-The band is scared of remarks. Scared of journalists reviews. Scared of being compared to the same old thing-and they are not the same old thing. My interpretation of the nine of swords in the layout indicates a change in life patterns. They will have their ups and downs, but once the public sees what they have produced cd wise and live-they will see the spirit of the old Skid Row and the birth of the new Skid Row. Eight of wands-wonderment again. Take it easy on yourselves guys. You know each song tells a story, and each one of you have a story. Stop worrying so much. The album will be a hit by late December/early January. This is my prediction. Five of pentacles-money. This will be your best and worst year of touring until after January, and donít beat yourselves up over it. Just keep moving. King of swords-Snake. Take it easy on yourself. The same thing goes for Rachel and Mr. Dimples. Donít you see that you have Solinger and Varone are backing you? Do you think they are going to let you down? They might give you doubts at times, but fucking you over ainít gonna happen-at least for now. Like they say keep your enemies close, and it is not Solinger or Varone.

Eight of pentacles-money money money. Here comes the land of perfect and the money trees like the Walgreenís commercial. As I said earlier, you may not see it right now, but it is coming. The World-Accept what you have, or you will lose it all. The Magician-We know who that is donít we Snake? You are the center of the pentagram. You hold that thing together like glue. Bolan is the other magician. Together, they are a crystal ball. Mr. Dimples keeps it shining. Ten of wands-wonderment. Ten months of rebuilding yourselves, and you all donít think you have a hit but you do. Let the energy of the music feed the universe. The Devil-Watch your finances. They are going to be tight, and it is going to be somebody close. The High Priestess-Varone. He is your High Preistess. He will back your ass no matter what, it could also be Solinger. It is very odd when you are reading a band. When you see Solinger and Varone, you see the scales. Believe it or not, these boys are your henchmen. They will protect you no matter what. Three of wands-come on boys, stop worrying about money. Page of pentacles-the money will come in, but slowly. The album will climb. Just give it time. The hangman-donít change your label. Donít sell yourselves to a corporate label. Be who you are, keep that label alive. It is time for you to start bringing in baby bands to feed energy that Skid Row needs-and not like a psychic vampire. Give those little guys a chance, and they will kiss the ground that you walk on. You say it in your song ĖNew Generation. You seen what the corporate machine has done to you, and now you are starting from scratch. Nobody will take you down this time. The only one that can take you down is yourselves, and you wonít let that happen. Two of cups-keep your appreciation for all music, but never lose your roots or you will lose yourselves and you will have to start again-and I donít want to see that for you. Nine of wands-stop playing mind games with your selves. Swallow me; I am not going to be what you want. You either accept us or you donít. Knight of pentacles-I know who you are, and we arenít playing the same poker game again. Why werenít you honest with us in the beginning-and I am not talking about the now, I am talking about the past. Isnít it funny, payback is a bitch and revenge is a mother fucker. Donít worry, those nightmares will end boys. Five of cups-broken hearts. Nobody is going to take anything away from you. You are a spiritual unit. Honesty is the best policy. Johnny donít worry-Bach canít swallow you. You are your own man. Ace of wands-just keep being yourself Johnny. Here is a hint, donít become Ian Astbury. You deserve your leather pants, they are Johnnyís leathers.

Wheel of Fortune-that wheel is spinning. It is all good. It is all fucking good. This time it is going to last. To me, the wheel of fortune is something to keep spinning here-donít look for it to stop, because the minute it does we are going to worry about you getting lost in the mist again.

I read the band I felt they needed it. They deserved it. I know from the album alone that it is psychically based and they are letting everything out-and they donít even see it. This reading could probably go on for another twenty fucking pages. Usually, I psychically interpret each song individually-but I knew from the minute that I saw them live at the Hi Fi Buys in Atlanta that the cd review was going to be a reading. I could just feel their energy and see their spiritual connection. I could see the pentagram on stage between all of them. They are just not a band, they are a family. If the music world doesnít start respecting them, they are just going to keep fighting back because they have THICKSKIN. I like the energy of this cd. The music is full of life. If you were to ask me to compare them to anybody, the only one I could compare them to would be Skid Row. MusicIncider wishes them luck and prosperity on their new tour, I feel everything will work out fine as long as they take their time. Signing off, the Tarot poker game is over. For more information, give me a call boys-or go buy the fucking album.

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