Here Comes The Hiss

Here Comes The Hiss

Full Cd Release: August 11th, 2003
Label: Loog/Polydor UK

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Adrian Barrera- vocals, guitar
Todd Galpin- drums
Johnny Kral- bass
Ian Franco- guitar

“To win them over you really have to bleed your soul on stage. Lucky for us, that’s the way we play.” – Adrian Barrera
Atlanta’s other band, doubleDrive better watch their fucking asses-here comes THE HISS. This band is from East Atlanta. This band has played the little Echo Lounge with the great acoustics. Ten years from now, you are going to ask yourself why you never went to the Echo to see them for ten bucks. The Hiss is fucking great, no wonder why Jack White asked them to open for the White Stripes at 99x’s Big Rock concert. They rocked Stone Mountain to the ground. I think they woke up General Lee. They didn’t have any fucking DJ. They didn’t have things that exploded, or a million dollar light show. They were just four normal looking guys that got up on a pretty fucking cool stage in front of their hometown and sweated genius fucking rock and roll for a bunch of people that got in for free. That is rare in a band (the getting in for free part is pretty hard to find too).

England- they had to go from Atlanta to England so nobody would put them in make up and spandex and try to change their sound. It is a fucking shame they had to go overseas so they could be themselves as musicians. Adrian Barrera says that his music is about freedom. If it is about freedom it is about the freedom of his band. His band that had to go to England to be free. Sometimes, you have to in through the back door to find the front door. Somebody better fucking sign them over here and let them do what they want. I can see The Hiss opening for Tom Petty, Aerosmith, and Bad Company. I could see them opening for Pink Fucking Floyd. They already have opened for Oasis in Germany. (Would that be Oasis good period or bad period? That shit has always confused me.)

Nobody told you about THE HISS? You poor bastard! You can compare The Hiss sound to a young, NOT OLD, Eagles. You can compare The Hiss to Bad Company. Fuck, you even have The Black Crowes in there. The Hiss has played with The Von Bondies, The Vue, and The Strokes. The Hiss counts Jack White and Noel Gallagher among its fans. The Hiss is real. They have guitars and a drummer- there is no electronic bullshit from them. The Hiss does this other weird thing- they write their own songs. Some could say The Hiss has culture because they were on BBC Radio- but I say The Hiss is one fucking dirty rock and roll martini, and they don’t even know it yet. It is good to see the next generation of musicians saying fuck you, I am going to do what I want to do and you cannot stop me. That attitude alone makes The Hiss worth the price of a ticket. That ride The Hiss is on is only going to get bigger and faster. Hang on boys, here it comes!

Adrian ‘not the 200 lb. angry front man’ Barrera sounds like Chris Robinson’s twin brother mixed with a little Paul Rogers. Adrian’s guitar playing sounds like Glen Frey-so do his vocals. Thank god he doesn’t sound like Don Henley-that would really be fucked up. I can imagine Adrian as a kid in front of the mirror playing air guitar and singing along to the radio. –Adrian Barrera is a founding member of The Hiss. He is also a contributor of twenty bucks in gas to get from Gainesville, Florida to East Atlanta. If you have as much talent as Adrian, twenty bucks can transform your band from The Young Americans to The Hiss- as long as you bleed your soul on stage.

Todd ‘oliver twist’ Galpin’s drum style reminds me of John Bonham and Dan Mitchell of ZZ Top. Todd also has that Bad Company drummer in him-Simon Kirke. Todd is so talented that he makes me think of two words- Dave Grohl. Kinda twisted huh? Nobody stops Todd from being himself. I will bet that Todd was born with a set of silver drumsticks in his hands. -Did anybody every notice that Todd, a founding member of the Hiss, always has a big fucking grin on his face? I know what this Gainesville boy is thinking- he is thinking, I got all of this for twenty bucks worth of gas money from Florida to Atlanta.

Johnny ‘sex with an alligator’ Kral is a powerful motherfucker on bass. If he changed his outfit and spit fire, he would be Gene fucking Simmons. His playing just bites you in the ass in a way that makes you want to fuck. That guitar sings for him like a Harley riding down Highway 69 on the road to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Johnny plays with flames that rise out of his fucking soul.

Ian ‘dirty martini’ Franco on guitar is the dirty in the martini-and god does he make it dirty. You can see his heart and soul fly out of his fingers on stage when he plays. His guitar style reminds me of Carlos Santana and George Thorogood. Ian just rises to the occasion. Ian could also be the illegitimate child of Nancy Wilson and Eddie Van Halen-that boy is just that good.

The advance sampler sent to MusicIncider has four songs on it and a video. The advance sampler is from the band’s debut album PANIC MOVEMENT to be released on August 11th, 2003.

CLEVER KICKS- This is a catchy tune. It has a great beat. For those who don’t know where Flat Shoals Avenue is- it is in fucking Atlanta. It makes me want to go have a beer and a burger at the Flat Iron. Maybe East Atlanta should adopt it as a new theme song. This song lets you know where the band is from and where they have been.

RIVERBED- This is the first song that has hit rotation on 99x. This is the band’s answer to American Woman. The band is chasing the American Woman in this song- and the style of the song is like the Black Crowes. It should get more airplay here.
STEP ASIDE-This song makes The Hiss look like a modern Bad Company. It reminds me of Feel Like Making Love-just add if you don’t want it get the fuck out of my face and you have the feel of this song.

HARD TO LOOSE- This song is like Hey Jude or Let It Be. It is a masterpiece. It won’t be a chart topper, but it will be remembered.
Cheer up motherfucker-you aren’t doing anything anyway except living in your friend’s basement. Nobody can call you a loser, because you would have to do something in order to lose.

I love THE HISS. They are creative. They kick ass. They are real rock and roll. They are great. Buy their cd when it comes out and go see them live. They are ready for big arenas and they are ready to open for the big boys. If the big boys, don’t catch them-it will be their loss.

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